How to Sculpt your BOOTY Workout!

  Summary Booty Sculpter Workout 1- Vertical Movement- Squats 3 sets 6-8 reps     Booty Sculpter Workout 2- Hip Hinge Movement- Barbell Hip Thrusts 3 sets 10-12 reps     Booty Sculpter Workout 3- Lateral Movement- Band Seated Hip Abductions 3 sets 18-20 reps     Equipment you Need- Bench, plyometric box, or aerobic stepper with risers for hip … Read More

Glute Home Workout that is Easy, Fast, and Fun!

  Summary   Glute Combo 1- 1. 3 sets for 10 reps of sumo kettlebell deadlifts 2. 3 sets of 30-second kettlebell swings   Glute Combo 2- 1. 3 sets for 20-30 reps single leg hip thrusts 2. 3 sets for 20-30 reps side lying hip abductions   Equipment you Need- Kettlebell for kettlebell swings and sumo kettlebell deadlifts Bench, plyometric … Read More

The Best Butt Exercises to Grow Your Booty

  Summary In 2015 Contreras and colleagues had subjects perform 3 different hip thrust variations: Variation 1- American hip thrusts Variation 2- Conventional hip thrusts Variation 3- Banded hip thrusts Here were the results: Conventional barbell hip thrusts showed more overall glute activation American hip thrusts elicited more quads and hamstrings activation Banded hip thrusts elicited the glutes but showed … Read More

Glute Isolation Workouts

If you enjoyed these glute isolation workouts, then checkout our 10 week Strong Mind Strong Body program that has more bad ass glute workouts HERE       CHECK US OUT ON: SNAP CHAT: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST:

Chapter 1: 5 Reasons Why Your Glutes Just Aren’t Growing

What joy a pair of well sculpted glutes could bring to males, females, training, appearance, and the world. The glutes play an integral role in your overall functioning and wellness, but they very well can shut down if not used. When the glutes shut down, you recruit other muscles to do big jobs that they are not meant to do. … Read More

Common Mistakes and Frustrations When Trying to Build your Glutes

  Instead of us listing a bunch of common mistakes people have when trying to grow their glutes, we wanted to give you real life feedback from clients and trainees. So we took a Social Media Poll off our Instagram Account, Facebook Group, and Private Facebook Group for Clients. Here’s what we asked: Question: What do you feel like you … Read More

Glute Testimonials

Here are some testimonials, photos, and before/after pics from those that have used the “12 Weeks to Your Best Booty” program we designed and some of our clients that have followed our periodized glute focused training programs.   Hang Nguyen- For the past year in a half I was using a workout plan I purchased for an insane amount of … Read More