The Best Butt Exercises to Grow Your Booty



In 2015 Contreras and colleagues had subjects perform 3 different hip thrust variations:

Variation 1- American hip thrusts

Variation 2- Conventional hip thrusts

Variation 3- Banded hip thrusts

Here were the results:

Conventional barbell hip thrusts showed more overall glute activation

American hip thrusts elicited more quads and hamstrings activation

Banded hip thrusts elicited the glutes but showed it was easier on joints and for comfort purposes


Take home

The study showed that all 3 hip thrust variations elicited glute engagement. But, we recommend experimenting with all 3 hip thrust variations to see what you prefer, whats more comfortable, what equipment you have access to, and most importantly which variation engages your glutes more.



Conventional hip thrust

American hip thrust (back slightly higher up)

Banded hip thrust


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Contreras et al. A comparison of gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, and vastus lateralis EMG amplitude for the barbell, band, and american hip thrust variations. J of applied biomechanics. 2015

Bret Contreras article HERE