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How to Lose Weight and Feel Good in Your Own Skin...

Even if You've Never Worked Out or Eaten Healthy a Day in Your Life!

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​I am 32 and work full time. After having my 5th baby I had really become inspired by the women I saw competing in bodybuilding competitions. I had committed to this as a goal/dream of mine and began trying it for myself. I was putting in tons of effort but not gaining the results I wanted or needed to compete. Then I started working with Dynamic Duo Training and everything changed. From my starting point with their trainings to show day I lost a significant amount of body fat, 4.5 inches from my waist and 5 inches from my hips!

Dez Murray 
Yoga Instructor and Mother of 5

What People Are Saying...

"At first I thought this was crazy, increase calories and workout less to lose weight, no way! But within a few weeks I was losing weight. I lost 12 lbs while building much better habits, all while finishing up grad school. 

— Brielle Nuzzo, Full-Time Grad Student, New Jersey, NJ

“This last year I noticed I was starting to slide into old bad habits. I was eating bad and wasn’t working out as much. I started to get into a state of denial in that I wasn’t gaining weight because the scale wasn’t going up but I was gaining body fat. When I signed up with DDT, I signed up with coaches that care about you and support you in your goals. I was able to lose about 15lbs and drop 5 inches around my waist in 12 weeks." 

— Dominic Sassen, Unit Director and Husband

"I wanted to get in shape and look my best for my upcoming wedding but shortly after starting my training I was diagnosed with PCOS which can be scary and also make losing weight very difficult. I was unsure if I would be able to reach my goal but Eric showed me how to make tweaks to my plan so I could get the results I was looking for. I can confidently say that I am an entirely different person, not only physically, but mentally, after working with DDT. I cannot say enough about Dynamic Duo Training. I am a lifelong client!"

— Cathleen Gray

“When I first started working with DDT, I was coming off ACL/Meniscus reconstructive surgery. My weight had never been heavier. Now, I’m down almost 35 pounds! And the greatest thing has been that not only have I lost a ton of body fat, I’ve gained muscle and lots of strength." 

— Andrew Collins, Celebrity Transportation Owner

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