Common Mistakes and Frustrations When Trying to Build your Glutes


Instead of us listing a bunch of common mistakes people have when trying to grow their glutes, we wanted to give you real life feedback from clients and trainees. So we took a Social Media Poll off our Instagram Account, Facebook Group, and Private Facebook Group for Clients.

Here’s what we asked:

Question: What do you feel like you struggle with most when it comes to building your glutes?


  • My quads dominating so much in squats! I do like them, but still. And getting the burn to the top part of the glute, without exhausting my lower back. My lower back is very stiff and I cannot bend it much, like in back pose, so I need that upper butt!

  • I have trouble getting top of glutes activated. Making sure I’m getting glutes not hip flexors.

  • I find that my hamstrings like to dominate leg exercises. Only way I find my glutes tired/sore is if I finish off leg day with a ton of weighted lunges or step ups.

  • I find it very difficult to get any lunges to target my glutes! I find hip thrust, cable kick backs, back extension and all back bending exercises targeting my glutes the best!

  • Trying to build my booty is a struggle all in itself. Everyone says squats will help, others say lunges, even others say glute bridges. I’ve done them all and yet I have no idea if my booty looks better or not.

  • I have so much trouble feeling upper glutes working without burning out lower back.

  • Not knowing if light weight-high reps or heavy weight with low reps is better and what exercises help get the hammie-glute tie in! I don’t wanna get bigger quads/hammies when trying to focus on the glutes.

  • My legs/glutes are very stubborn and I don’t know what’s the best approach to shrink them and get rid of cellulite. Moderate rate/high rep with plyo or just heavy heavy heavy.

  • Ive always wondered about volume training vs going heavy with glutes.

  • I must train them at every angle and all I get is a little lump. Not sure what other exercises to add in.

  • I struggle with most glute workouts due to a bad knee. Also not knowing exactly how to properly train them.

  • My hips are so tight that I find all the good glute exercises to be painful. What should I do?



After reading all of these comments, do these same mistakes and frustrations sound the same to you? If they do then that’s a good thing because we have solutions for these mistakes and frustrations.

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