3 Ways to Increase your Likeability as an Online Fitness Coach

  Video Version   Audio Version   When is the last time one of your clients has said…? “Coach, you are such a Likeable person on top of everything you do as a coach. Thank you!” If your clients start saying things like this, not only do you have them as lifetime customers, even better you have broken down the … Read More

3 Ways to Overcome the Dark Times in Your Online Fitness Coaching Business

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How to Improve your Online Fitness Business with These 4 Tactics

Having an online fitness business is something that a lot of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts dream about. The reasons being: you can travel anywhere set your own schedule create your own offers and packages reach more people create your own community The list is endless with having an online fitness business. But, we see a lot of online fitness … Read More

How We Increased Our Earnings and Charged More as Personal Trainers

Are you a personal trainer? Tired of client no shows and not getting paid? Are you frustrated with feeling like the gym is your home and not spending enough time with family, loved ones, and NOT doing the things you love to do? If so, you are in for a treat! In this video we discuss 3 secrets to help … Read More

How to Charge More for Online Fitness Coaching

We are firm believers that a lot of online fitness coaches sell themselves short on their price points and packages. We were able to go from charging $100 on our packages to over a thousand dollars. Some of the key ingredients to do this are: A perfect offer Over-delivering on the package Great customer service Learning to position yourself and … Read More

How To Grow Your Online Personal Training Business

In this episode, we were interviewed by the awesome Mike Arce at his studio in Phoenix. Here’s What You Will Learn: -︎How we went from charging clients $150 to $1,000 -Our #1 focus in our online training business -What sets us apart from other online personal trainers -The exact questions we ask during the sales process -Our ninja marketing tip … Read More

3 Strategies to Grow Your Online Fitness Business

          Too many people over look these key strategies that we discuss. There should be an intentional plan and focus on how to utilize these 3 strategies we give so you can grow your online fitness business. Checkout the audio and video versions below on “3 strategies to grow your online fitness business:”   Video Version- … Read More