2 Reasons to Think Outside of The Box Within your Fitness Coaching Business


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Have you ever heard the old saying, “You have to think outside of the box sometimes?”

Well, if you have, you are in for a treat today as we are going to delve into 2 reasons why you should think outside of the box within your fitness coaching business.

The reason why we are such big advocates of thinking outside of the box is because when we first started out as business owners once upon a time ago we were very close minded. And to a certain extent we feel being close minded and not thinking outside of the box set us back some.

A great quote by Arnold Swarzenneger we always try and live by is…

“Rules are meant to be broken, as long as you are not breaking the law, you can break and bend the rules at times.”

When we first heard this, it resonated with us and we had an epiphany and said to ourselves, “Yes! Why are we not thinking outside of the box more? Why are we thinking in such a linear line and not trying other things that others aren’t doing?”

After this light bulb moment as, young business owners we made a pact to hire coaches outside of the fitness industry to learn new skills and scale our business and attend different seminars and conferences outside of the fitness industry to network and learn from others in different professions.

Boy oh boy was this the best thing we could have done for ourselves, business, and clients the past 3-4 years.

Now, we want to tell you our 2 ninja tips on why you should think outside of the box within your fitness coaching business.

Why? Because we love to educate and see others succeed and many of you that are in the fitness industry are not taught to do these things and possibly fear doing them. So, let’s get into these 2 game changing reasons to start thinking outside of the box, shall we…


1. Hire other coaches such as Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Lifestyle, and more.

Look, hiring fitness coaches is an awesome thing to do, we hired several before we started our business and coaching clients, so we are not putting this down. But, instead of just hiring fitness coaches to learn from, why not think outside of the box and hire other coaches such as marketing, branding, advertising, lifestyle, and personal development ones?

Why not learn their coaching skills so you can use their methods for your business and potentially your clients? Instead of questioning this, just act and do it. We promise you that they will be the best investments going forward as a business owner and your own personal being.

The way you have to think about it as a business owner is at some point you have to learn different skills to scale your business and innovate. We are not saying to become an expert in all these fields but at least have a good knowledge base on them and not be blind to them. That is the worst feeling as business owner, not knowing anything outside of fitness.

We suggest starting slow and hiring a coach in one area that interests you most. You can hire them as an online coach or even do a full on coaching day with them to pick their brains and have them give you fresh ideas for your business. After you feel confident and learned some important things to apply to your business, hire another coach in a different area and so on.

Again, as fitness professionals we are not taught marketing, branding, and advertising skills and it’s a damn shame. Especially in today’s world, if you are not expanding your mindset by learning new skills and thinking outside of the box, we promise you that you will be left behind, and your business will suffer.

Remember this, a mind full of conclusions leads to no room for expansion 😉


2. Attend different Seminars outside of your current industry

This ninja tip is one of our favorites and the reason being is the power of building your network!

Your network is your net worth, remember that. As fitness professionals we are taught to always go to fitness related seminars, conferences, or conventions. Why? Because we must, and we should only learn about fitness. Wrong! Time to start thinking outside of the box on this one.

The past 4 years we have attended more business, marketing, social media, advertising, lifestyle, self-development, mindset, and many more conferences than any fitness ones. Why? Because you learn valuable skills, tools, and you meet some amazing people in different industries that have a non-biased eye and can give you fresh ideas to apply to your fitness business.

Start by doing some research around your areas on events or seminars. There are tons of local networking groups, mixers, meet-ups, and more so there are no excuses. If they are in a different state, even better you get to mix business with pleasure and travel to learn and enhance your business.

We kid you not, after attending so many different events outside of the fitness industry it has really created a growth mindset for us, increased our business through creative and innovated ideas, and has had us build a hell of a network all around the world.

Do not procrastinate on this one ladies and gents, think outside of the box and get to different seminars, conferences, and net working groups to enhance your mindset and skills, you will thank us later for this. Also, everyone loves fitness coaches, so you have nothing to lose 😊


Final Thoughts

We really hope these 2 ninja tips and reasons to start thinking outside of the box within your fitness coaching business gives you some good ideas and a new perspective on what you should be doing as a business owner and coach.

As we said earlier, rules are meant to be broken and we truly believe all the greats and very successful people out there have bent the rules some and most importantly thought outside of the box when it came to their professional industry.

When you stop and think about it, you have nothing to lose by thinking outside of the box and everything to gain from it.

Be unique, stand out, and think outside the box starting today!


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