3 Ways to Overcome the Dark Times in Your Online Fitness Coaching Business

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Having an online fitness coaching business is something that a lot of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts dream about. Give us a virtual fist pump if you agree?

Plus, you also get to use the game changing business concept KSE as a business owner and entrepreneur.

We know you’re like, what’s KSE stand for?

Hold on, hold on, we promise we will tell you soon so hang tight.


The reasons why having your own online fitness coaching business are as follows:

  • you can travel anywhere
  • set your own schedule
  • create your own offers and packages
  • reach more people
  • create your own community
  • you are the superhero to your clients
  • leave a fulfilled legacy

The list is endless with having an online fitness coaching business.

We remember when we first got started with our coaching business and how lost, frustrated, and fearful we were to innovate and execute on certain action steps to improve our business.

We kid you not we were getting advice left and right from so many people but it’s almost as if there was this great big wall in front of us that wouldn’t let us move forward, therefore we made all the excuses in the world not to take more action and improve our business.

What did the lack of execution ultimately do to us and our business?

It created more self-doubt, we wasted time, and couldn’t help more clients the way we had imagined. The reason we were going through this dark time in business was because we lacked knowledge, had no strategy, and didn’t have the confidence to execute in the context of business and entrepreneurism.

It down right sucked, and we know many of you are going through this or have as well.

How do you overcome this type of obstacle and get passed this wall?

You use a simple, effective, and powerful concept by the name of KSE!

KSE stands for Knowledge, Strategy, and Execution, and we got this game changing business concept from our mentor Tai Lopez when we invested 25k for his exclusive high-level mastermind group which went onto take our business to the next level and we have never looked back since.

Now, it’s our turn to teach you this awesome business concept so you can overcome any adversity, self-doubt, or excuses you are using not to take your coaching business to the next level and be the amazing coach that you are to help change more lives around the world and showcase your unique super powers. Also, please keep in mind that KSE can be used for so many different business ideas.


Here we go folks!

(K) Knowledge

Let’s be clear here, you must have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to your field of expertise and as a business owner these days. The old cliché is true “Knowledge Equals Power”, but without action it means nothing!

To make a long rant short, keep yourself sharp when it comes to acquiring knowledge. There is never too much knowledge to be acquired.

Seek it through different forms of external wisdom such as:

  • Mentors
  • Masterminds
  • Coaches
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Asking good questions
  • Having intellectual conversations with likeminded people

Always be a continuous student to the game of business and your expertise, the minute you think you have it all figured out is when you will get crushed by someone else that is keeping their tools sharp to innovate and pivot when needed in their business.


Let’s say we wanted to create a product such as our own automated course on training and nutrition concepts. We would do everything in our power to learn how to build a course, we are talking the whole ins and outs here.

What platform to use, learn price points, what we want to offer, time length it will be, and most importantly we would buy other courses to get ideas, so we can then implement them to our course and make it even better. This is just a small sample size of what we would do if we wanted to build a course and we would acquire all the knowledge possible to make it memorable.


(S) Strategy

Let’s talk strategy now shall we. There must have been a point where you had to have had some sort of strategy to start your coaching business or become a personal trainer. That is awesome, but now think about turning it up a notch times 10!!!

Once you have this great idea and have done your research and have acquired all the knowledge like we suggested above, what will your strategy be? And most importantly how will you execute this strategy which we will get into next.

Let’s stay on the above example of wanting to create an automated course. Some suggested strategies are as follows:

  • weighing out the pro’s and con’s
  • building a street team, ambassadors, or joint ventures to help promote the course
  • how will we market and advertise this course? Organic or paid?
  • how much money are we willing to invest in this course to build and market?
  • what kind of content will I provide in this course to really WOW customers?
  • what problem are we really solving here?


Take 30-60 minutes and do a brain dump of ideas on a white piece of paper or white board on different strategies for your idea, service, or product. There is no right or wrong way to do this but by doing a brain dump you will write down and come up with so many fresh outside the box strategies on how to execute what it is you are offering. Hell, even do this while having a beer or glass of wine to relax yourself. Give it a try and see your strategies come to life.


(E) Execution

Alrighty, we are almost to the home stretch here and can we all agree here that EXECUTION is the most important piece to the puzzle here in KSE?

You can have all the knowledge in the world on something along with the best strategies but without ACTION and EXECUTION they do not exist and more importantly come to life!

When it comes to execution we truly believe it’s more mental than anything. Reason being is you really must ask yourself, do I believe in what I am offering or trying to do to make a greater impact on people’s lives? Am I really solving a problem here?

If you question yourself and can’t answer it, chances are you will not execute your strategies thus this will leave you right behind that great big wall like we mentioned earlier.

Some ways to overcome this mental barrier and execute are as follows:

  • Higher mentors and coaches to reframe your mindset and think big
  • Surround yourself with like minded people that encourage you and have done something similar
  • Make sure what you are wanting to execute fits your core values and will help you leave a legacy
  • Constantly remind your subconscious that you can do this and your making an impact in people’s lives
  • Set firm deadlines to complete tasks and projects
  • Choose faith over fear and take fucken action


If you fail, learn from it and go back to the drawing board. Make a list of what went wrong and what you can do better next time. It’s all about testing things out these days. Then get feedback from other’s and go back to the start of gaining more knowledge, having more strategies, and take action when you are ready.


The Bottom Line Is…

Having Knowledge, having Strategies, and Executing are prominent to your success as an online fitness coach and most importantly as a business owner. This KSE concept can be used for any idea, service, or product.

It is just about taking the time and putting in the work to make it all come to life. If we were able to get passed that great big wall like we mentioned in the beginning with using KSE, so can you.

Take what is yours in life and create a life worth telling a story about as a badass ass coach.



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