8 Keys to Setting Up Your Nutrition Program- Part 2

    Video Version   Audio Version   In case you missed Part 1 of this 4-part series, here’s what we discussed: The first 4 of 8 Keys to Setting Up Your Nutrition Program are: Key #1- Behavioral Habits and Systems Key #2- Your WHY and PURPOSE Key #3- Reward System Key #4- Increase Adherence and Consistency Now, as we … Read More

8 Keys to Setting Up Your Nutrition Program- Part 1

Video Version   Audio Version   To be 100% honest, we’ve done a lot of stupid things in our lives…most of them having nothing to do with fitness and nutrition. But, our nutrition mistakes run deep, everything from bringing white bread and a protein shake to the gym and having it immediately-we mean timing it to the “T” after our … Read More

How to Lose More Fat by Eating More Meals

  Summary 1. Increasing the amount of meals you eat per day (meal frequency) does not lead to more fat loss 2. If protein levels are adequate, increasing the amount of meals you eat per day during a dieting phase could help with preserving muscle mass 3. Increasing the amount of meals you eat per day appears to have a positive … Read More

4 Reasons to Stop Diet Detoxes and Cleanses

  Summary 1. They flat out don’t work and there’s no scientific literature to support they work. In fact, there’s evidence showing they don’t work (1,2) 2. Detox and cleanse products are a waste of money. The products are expensive, not effective, and the marketing is good behind them. Instead, use the money to hire a sports nutrition coach to … Read More

How to Grocery Shop on Flexible Nutrition!

    Summary A lot of you struggle with knowing what to shop for at the grocery store. You hear the common grocery shopping tips like “Make sure to shop along the perimeters of the store since its more fruits and vegetables.” Or “Don’t go down the middle of the aisles because there’s junk food.” We’ve been going to the … Read More

Do Carbs and Sugars Make you Fat? Watch and Find Out!

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