4 Reasons to Stop Diet Detoxes and Cleanses



1. They flat out don’t work and there’s no scientific literature to support they work. In fact, there’s evidence showing they don’t work (1,2)

2. Detox and cleanse products are a waste of money. The products are expensive, not effective, and the marketing is good behind them. Instead, use the money to hire a sports nutrition coach to build lifelong tools, habits, systems, and get actual results

3. Your liver is a natural detoxifier. Along with a healthy diet, consuming adequate water, and exercising…there’s your natural detoxifier recipe 😉 (3)

4. Detox diets and cleanses are more harmful than good. They create poor relationships with food (1,2) and these diets are likely to set up an unhealthy relationship with nutrition. Sustained healthy habits are of greater long-term value than the quick fixes offered by commercial quick fix diets

Bonus Tip: Stay away from any products that claims “Detox,” “Cleansing,” “Reinvention,” and “Revamp” (1). Find a diet or nutrition program that is tailored around your goals, preferences, lifestyle, metabolic variances, and one that you can see yourself doing for weeks, months, and years on end


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