Our TOP 10-GAME CHANGING Fitness Lessons Learned in 2018

  2018 has been a roller coaster like year for us! A lot of ups and a lot of downs. What’s funny is you’d think we’d want more of the “Ups,” but what we’ve realized this year, is we’ve learned a ton more from the “DOWNs.” The same goes within our fitness journey. More lessons are always learned through the … Read More

8 Keys to Setting Up Your Nutrition Program- Part 2

    Video Version   Audio Version   In case you missed Part 1 of this 4-part series, here’s what we discussed: The first 4 of 8 Keys to Setting Up Your Nutrition Program are: Key #1- Behavioral Habits and Systems Key #2- Your WHY and PURPOSE Key #3- Reward System Key #4- Increase Adherence and Consistency Now, as we … Read More

4 Simple Rules Within Fitness to Enhance Your Results

Video Version   Audio Version   Here’s What We’ll Cover. Zoning in and Zoning Out in Fitness The Law of 33% Within Fitness Short Cut Vs the Long Cut Within Fitness Results Creating a Strong Support System within Fitness   We’ve been in the fitness industry for well over a decade now and we’ve seen and experienced a lot. One … Read More

5 Reasons You’re Not Dropping Body Fat & What to Do About it

Video Version   Audio Version   We’ve all been at that point in our fitness journeys where we are going through a dieting phase and we have hit a plateau. This is a very common issue because your body is developing what are called “Metabolic Adaptations,” where metabolism starts to slow, hunger is up, satiety is down, hormones are off, … Read More

How to Improve your Fitness Results with These 4 Hacks

Quick story…We remember when we did our first bodybuilding competition in December 2013. It was a 30-week prep, we lost over 40 pounds, we stood in front of strangers on a stage with a speedo and fake tan and it was quite the experience and journey. We won’t every do a prep again, but we are firm believers in, if … Read More

3 Steps to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

    Halloween stores close up shop, the trick or treaters are gone, it begins to get chillier, and we are looking forward to the holidays. It’s a great time of year for everyone. But it could also be disastrous for many since these last two months of the year can really hinder your health and fitness. A 2000 study … Read More