How to Improve your Fitness Results with These 4 Hacks

Quick story…We remember when we did our first bodybuilding competition in December 2013.

It was a 30-week prep, we lost over 40 pounds, we stood in front of strangers on a stage with a speedo and fake tan and it was quite the experience and journey.

We won’t every do a prep again, but we are firm believers in, if you have an itch, then scratch it.

Okay, onto the story…This journey took a lot out of us, so come 2014, we honestly were spent and didn’t have any fitness goals or real motivation.

But, it wasn’t until about six months in when we were settled in LA and we started training at the MECCA in Venice Beach where a fire was lit again towards our fitness journeys.

We were pumped, excited, motivated, and ready to train with the big boys there!

It was a funny time too because we were getting more into the business side of things within our online fitness coaching business and we just learned a new business concept by the name of SWOT.

SWOT stands for:

S- Strengths

W- Weakness’s

O- Opportunities

T- Threats

SWOT is originally a business concept to do every quarter, every six months, or once per year to constantly improve the business.

We said to ourselves, “well, why can’t we use this concept within fitness?”

The fitness gods won’t come after us if we use a business concept will they? 😉

And that’s the cool thing about expanding your horizons and learning new concepts that are non-fitness related, but that’s another article we will write in the future.

But, if you try using the SWOT concept within fitness, here’s what you will get out of it:

  • It keeps you from stagnating, going through the motions, and staying sharp
  • It keeps you from being okay with mediocre results
  • It constantly has you challenging yourself, so you can get better results and push yourself
  • It’s a fun exercise to map out and see where it goes
  • At the very least, it’s a cool and innovative way to challenge your current fitness program and experiment with at least once to see if it works for you or not

Now that you know what you can get out of using the SWOT concept within fitness, we then said to ourselves, “we can use the SWOT concept as 4 hacks to improve your fitness results.”

Here’s a more in-depth look on using SWOT within fitness:

  • You need to know your strengths in your fitness journey, so you can double down on them and continue to do more of it.

For example, in exercise, if you like to exercise at the gym and you are only doing 2-3 days per week, then fantastic, figure out a way to double down on that by slowly progressing your training frequency to 3-4 days per week

For example, in nutrition, If your strengths are to really hone in in a diet 90% of the time during the week, then great, keep doing that to get 90% of the results and if weekends are harder to adhere to, well at least you got 90% of the results in

  • You need to identify your weaknesses and try and improve them over time.

For example, in exercise, If you know you cant make it to the gym on the weekends, well then, why force it? Just get your training days in during the week

For example, in nutrition, let’s say you hate meal prepping, but you know this strategy every week keeps you consistent and adherent within your nutrition plan, then perhaps hire a chef to cook for you once per week or try a meal prep service weekly or monthly

  • You need to spot your opportunities, so you can constantly evolve and challenge yourself. For example, let’s say you want to compete in a CrossFit challenge or a bodybuilding competition and an opportunity arises for you to be coached and have an entire blueprint of an exercise and nutrition customized for you, well then take advantage of that opportunity and experiment with it


  • And finally, you need to know your threats, so you don’t become mediocre and “just okay” with your fitness results. For example, maybe your family is prohibiting you from going to the gym or eating healthy, then you may need to have a serious talk with them, so they get on board with your fitness goals and support you


Let’s be honest here, it’s easy to get stagnant and comfortable with our fitness game plan.

Funny thing is, we all are striving for better results.

So, then, why don’t we constantly strive for better results within our fitness journeys?

Well, it could be a multitude of factors that are contributing to this and to be honest, we’re not perfect 365 days out of the year either. Hence the story we told you above.

Having long term fitness results takes work and if anybody every says they are adherent and consistent and motivated 365 days of the year, then they are trying to sell you something or even better, just run the other way.

So, if you are stuck in a rut and need an extra push towards enhancing your fitness goals and results then try implementing this SWOT concept to improve your fitness results.

Just remember that it doesn’t hurt to try new things within fitness and experiment to see if they will work for you or not. Sometimes you get some of the best results just by implementing new concepts that are non-fitness related.

Cheers to a successful fitness journey!


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