5 Steps to Start & Build a Hybrid Model- In Person & Online Personal Training

Today, we are going to touch on a very serious debate that is floating around the fitness realm… Just kidding it’s not that serious we promise you but there are some heavy opinions on whether IN-PERSON PERSONAL TRAINING IS BETTER THAN ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING and vice versa. Since we have done both, have been Fitness Coaches for a decade now, … Read More

4 Home Exercise Tools to Keep you Healthy and Fit

4 Home Exercise Tools to Keep you Healthy and Fit People wanting to shed a few pounds or improve their physical fitness are often bombarded with different ads for diet pills and detox products that claim to help people drop pounds fast. The safest way to get healthy is to skip those iffy products and start working out. Below are … Read More

How can sports equipment maximize your workout

  How can sports equipment maximize your workout If after a long time you start playing sports again, but the result becomes visible not as fast as you would like – you need to bring more innovations into your daily sports routine. For example, you may renew the sports equipment you have with new tools. It will make spending time … Read More

Why People Are Opting BJJ as Their Fitness Regime

  Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is a form of mixed martial art that is one of the most accepted and most commonly used art forms by professional fighters. This form of jiu-jitsu has been derived from the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. The fact that there are so many other forms of martial arts as well yet, BJJ is named as a … Read More

5 Reasons Online Zoom Fitness Trainers Are Making Life Easier

    Amidst the lockdown, even the finest athletes are finding it hard to cope with their fitness regime. Where the beginners are still finding a way to get into fitness and enjoy some exercises, they are actually finding it quite challenging to look for guidance. You might have come across some people complaining about their weight gain during the … Read More

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You with Boxing

  Boxing is becoming common support now. As we are entering the world of technology, filled with video games where dual war-based games are quite common, people are moving back towards boxing and other mixed martial arts forms. For most people, boxing is a good method of self-defense, whereas instructors are using boxing as a way of helping people use … Read More

How to Make Workout Fun and Easy?

  Exercise and workout sessions are two of the scariest words you will ever see in a sentence together. When we think of a workout, we usually think of lifting weight, doing the leg workout routine, or doing a plank for five minutes. However, beginners get very frustrated because of the havoc that we have created around workout sessions and … Read More

How to Convert Your Home into Gym – No Equipment Needed

Amidst corona, you might have come across many people complaining about their exercise routine. For the beginner staying at home might not affect you too much because your body is immune to it; however, when it comes to people who have been working out for quite long, their body is used to exerting the energy and burning the fat. In … Read More