4 Home Exercise Tools to Keep you Healthy and Fit

4 Home Exercise Tools to Keep you Healthy and Fit

People wanting to shed a few pounds or improve their physical fitness are often bombarded with different ads for diet pills and detox products that claim to help people drop pounds fast. The safest way to get healthy is to skip those iffy products and start working out. Below are four fabulous home exercise tools that can help a person get healthy and stay healthy.

One: A Set of Resistance Bands

A great tool to keep handy is a set of resistance bands. People can use resistance bands in hundreds of different ways for a complete total body workout. Skip the plastic bands that are famous for snapping, and instead go with a woven set like these bands for your hips.

Having a set of resistance bands means that a person can choose the tension they want for the exercise they are participating in. Sets typically come with three bands of various sizes and tensions. Resistance bands are an exercise tool that works perfectly for both those new to fitness and people who are experienced and already very fit.

Two: A Jump Rope

The second exercise tool that people should consider when they want to get healthy or stay healthy is a jump rope. Jumping rope is an intense form of cardio that burns through a high number of calories. According to the experts, a person can burn a whopping 1300 calories an hour participating in rope jumping exercises!

A jump rope is affordable and can be taken anywhere. Shoppers can find a good rope for less than twenty dollars. When buying a top, make sure to purchase one that is either adjustable in length or the right length for the user’s height.

Jumping rope is great for heart health, bone health, ankle health and improves a person’s coordination. Is jumping rope bad for knees? Because people land on both feet simultaneously, jumping rope is said to be easier on a person’s knees than running would be. Be sure to wear a good supportive pair of tennis shoes while participating in this fitness activity.

Three: Exercise Dice

Many people have never heard of exercise dice, but this is a great tool to keep on hand for home workouts. While a traditional dice set has dots on the sides that represent numbers, exercise dice have workouts on the sides. A person will roll the dice and let destiny choose their home workout for the day. Like a jump rope and resistance bands, these fitness dice are very affordable and can be found for around twenty dollars.

Four: A Treadmill

While a treadmill is not as cheap as the other items on the list, it is a great exercise tool that will keep a person healthy and fit. A person can walk, skip, run, or jog on a treadmill. Treadmills are great for people who live in rainy or cold areas, as even in bad weather, a person can still get their workout in.

Before buying a treadmill, do some research and check out the optional functions that may be useful. Many people like adjusting the incline, but this is not an option on all treadmills. Each treadmill will list the maximum weight allowed for the user, so be sure the treadmill has a weight limit that works for even the heaviest person in the household.

The four items above may be just what a person needs to drop the excess weight and improve their physical fitness. Each of these items burns a lot of calories and can help people build muscle mass. Best of all, three of the four items come in at twenty to thirty dollars each.