Why People Are Opting BJJ as Their Fitness Regime


Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is a form of mixed martial art that is one of the most accepted and most commonly used art forms by professional fighters. This form of jiu-jitsu has been derived from the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. The fact that there are so many other forms of martial arts as well yet, BJJ is named as a complete art form has a lot of say about this style of fighting. BJJ is also known as human body chess because it involves the coordination of the human mind and body. During the process of fighting, the human mind coordinates with the body, and they design a complete strategy to beat the situation. Recently the fitness world has opted for BJJ as a very good exercise substitute to help young women and children to learn self-defense while keeping their body fit. Most people think BJJ is a complete martial arts form because it helps to train your body along with your mind, but it is not just a simple form of fighting skill. Instead, it is a fighting skill that further enhances your skillset and overall body coordination as well. In short, most people say BJJ is an all-in-one exercises-based skill that will be a life-changing experience; however, we need to explore how this can be true.

Here are some of the most important reasons BJJ has been declared as a complete exercise regime and fitness training that can help you stay fit and yet make positive changes in your lifestyle.

No Age or Gender Limit

Unlike other kinds of exercises where you are required to have an age limit, or you are labeled on the basis of gender, BJJ is a completely neutral skill set. A child as young as three years can start learning and practicing BJJ, and the best thing is that BJJ complements and favors the tender and flexible body. In other words, it favors the weaker gender and weaker body. Most martial arts methods favor the bulky and bigger size, which means people who are already quite huge and do not need any significant help get favored by the skill as well. Whereas, when it comes to BJJ, your skill and technique matter a lot, and no matter how old you are or how much you have invested in your body, if your technique is not good enough, you cannot win. On the other hand, if you have worked on your technique, this will work significantly in your favor.

No Equipment Required

The best thing about BJJ is that you don’t need any equipment; this means all you need is a good BJJ suit and your mat, and you can start practicing. Apart from the equipment, you need basic training that you can learn from some instructor; in case you cannot afford an instructor, you can watch videos and learn maneuvers through these videos. When it comes to practice, you can get a practicing dummy or a punching bag and practice your maneuvers. In short, if you have a passion for the game, you can change everything accordingly.

Body Flexibility

Most of us have lost the flexibility in our body entirely because we sit idle all day or behind our laptops working in our offices. This hardly does any favor for us, considering there is so much we are missing out on. With the help of BJJ, you resume the flexibility in your body, which will further help you to practice every other skill as well. In short, you are working on preparing your body and training your muscles for flexibility. The aim is to prepare yourself for the fight or any other exercise as well. Even if you don’t want to use BJJ as a way to fight, you can still use it as a warm-up exercise.

Exercise Mind and Body

Exercising your mind and body means you are building coordination between your mind and body. Your mind will build a right reflex action along with muscle memory that will help to direct your body easily. In most cases, people have a delayed reflex action because they don’t practice the change at all, these things can look relatively small, but they have an enormous impact overall. For the mind, there are only a few impactful exercises, which is the reason BJJ has a very significant value in this domain.

Self-Defense Skill

There is no doubt that BJJ is an excellent self-defense method, and where others fail miserably, BJJ has a very strong comeback in those situations as well. Since BJJ works in favor of the weak, it is a great way to introduce self-defense skills for the young.