How to Convert Your Home into Gym – No Equipment Needed

Amidst corona, you might have come across many people complaining about their exercise routine. For the beginner staying at home might not affect you too much because your body is immune to it; however, when it comes to people who have been working out for quite long, their body is used to exerting the energy and burning the fat. In short, sitting at home without exercise can result in extreme lethargic behavior as well as weight gain. In this condition, most fitness experts recommend that people must register for online zoom training and fitness classes, but if they cannot afford the online class, they should practice at home on their own. Although it is recommended that a zoom class or online fitness session must be joined because this will keep you motivated, however, there are people who do not want to pay for online classes, especially if they think they can do the same workout routine at home with the help of YouTube. No matter whether you register for an online class, or you want to rely on trusty old YouTube for the workout session at home, you must need an excellent place to work out. A good workout space can not only help you stay motivated, but this will also help you stay focused during workout sessions rather than getting distracted at any point.


For converting your house space into a cozy little gym, you need to make sure you have a designated space first. Although this will not require any equipment, however, essential gym equipment that you use at home or you own can be used as well. You can even start by wearing your activewear, and you are ready to start the workout without any specific equipment.

Map Out Space

Start with mapping out the place that you want to convert into your workout space or gym. You can either select a small portion in your living room or if you have a short walk-in closet or store, that will also work out perfectly for you. If you are going to work out alone, you can select a small space; however, if you have more people that you want to join, space must be enough for all. Usually, for the yoga class, we recommend a small space near your window so you can open the window and enjoy the fresh air; however, if you are doing Zumba, you can set it in your living space and ask your friends and family to join as well. It all depends on your perspective; however, we do not recommend small and very congested spaces because you need a lot of room to stretch.

Fit Your Laptop or Tablet

It would help if you had a small place where you can place your laptop or tablet, depending on whatever you want to use for your workout. Most people like to attach their device to their TV screens; you can also do that; however, if you don’t want to attach it with your TV, you can look for an elevated place, i.e., a table to place your device. Since space will be elevated, you will have enough room for stretching yet; you can keep an eye on the device.

Put a Small Speaker

We recommend that you must use an external speaker when you are working out; the main reason is that usually when you are exercising, you are not in a position to keep an eye on the device, and to overcome this, you can need a constant voice to guide you. The speaker will help you with instruction even if you are doing a headstand and you can hardly see the device.

Get Soft Ball and Mat

Just like most of the gyms, you should get a mat for yourself because this will help you mark your territory while working. When you have a designated small space, you don’t want to stretch out so much or knock things down, and a mat will help you do that exactly. Where others will tell you to buy a map, even if you don’t have a map you can use a small fabric piece or even a carpet. Apart from this, if you are into hardcore exercise, you should get softball because this will help you with a lot of exercises. This is a complete option, and if you don’t want to Invest in a softball, you can easily skip it out.

List down A Schedule

If you have ever joined a gym, you must know how important it is to have a schedule because without a proper schedule; you cannot know how to start or for how long you will be performing your warm-up exercises. Apart from this, you can also list down other exercises, the kind of reps you will be doing, and if you have a leg day or abs day kind of workout, you can also list that in it.

Put Up a Calendar

For listing down the days you have been working out, you can also put up a calendar; even if you don’t want to put up a calendar, you can use your phone calendar as well; however, it is quite satisfying when you cut down the date with your hand because this way you can keep track of the days and how many months you will be working out altogether.