4 Beneficial Types of Massage Ideal for Gym-Goers

4 Beneficial Types of Massage Ideal for Gym-Goers It’s great to go to the gym on a regular basis; it’s a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy, build muscle, and lose weight. However, it can also be problematic because it can cause injury or, at the very least, it can cause sore muscles, which makes mobility difficult.  Something that … Read More

ISSA Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification

ISSA Strength & Conditioning Certification Help any client reach peak performance! Anatomy, body composition, and the way you move affect energy and performance. The best trainers use this to their benefit. As a certified Strength and Conditioning coach, you’ll learn exactly how to help your clients work with what they have to build unbelievable endurance, strength, power and speed.What You’ll … Read More

ISSA Nutritionist Certification

ISSA Nutritionist Certification Want to help your clients reach their wildest health goals? Then you need to go beyond great workout plans. As an ISSA nutritionist, you’ll learn all about food and food habits — so you can make the smart recommendations your clients need to crush those goals and live that dream. Why Specialize as a Nutritionist? Great personal … Read More

Yoga 200 Certification powered by ISSA

Yoga 200 Certification powered by ISSA The Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training You’ve Been Looking For! Under the guidance of industry-leading yoga experts, gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build a professional yoga career. Why Yoga 200? Yoga is all about energy management. The way we engage our physical body can help us direct our energy, whether that’s … Read More

ISSA Health Coach Certification

ISSA Health Coach Certification Become a Certified HEALTH COACH! As a Health Coach, you’ll help clients overcome physical and mental barriers preventing healthier living. Get the tools and motivation so your clients will implement the lifestyle changes to improve their physical health. From chronic health conditions to behavior changes and motivation, Health Coaches have the tools to help people overcome … Read More

10 Home Gym Essentials for Beginners

10 Home Gym Essentials for Beginners You don’t have to pay monthly membership fees at the local gym to get and stay in shape. You can easily create a workout space at home, even on a budget. Whatever your fitness goals, you can accomplish them at home with the right gym equipment. Here’s a list of home gym essentials that … Read More

Gym Based or Hospital Based Rehabilitation: Which Should You Choose?

Gym Based or Hospital Based Rehabilitation: Which Should You Choose? Have you experienced an injury and are wondering whether to choose hospital or gym-based rehabilitation to help you recover? We answer your questions, here… If you’re asking yourself whether you should choose a gym-based rehabilitation plan, or a hospital based one, you have likely experienced an injury that has left … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cholesterol Levels

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cholesterol Levels        For several years, doctors have warned about the impact cholesterol test can have on one’s health. High cholesterol has long been thought of as only having a nasty effect. But it has many more insidious effects. Because cholesterol is a lipid, it can make its way into one of the body’s cells and become … Read More