The Day you Began Your Exercise and Nutrition Journey

    “Progress, of the best kind, is comparatively slow. Great results cannot be achieved at once; and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step.” –Samuel Smiles   Many can agree with the above quote and many cannot due to the fact of wanting to take shortcuts to reach the fastest way to … Read More

Strategies for a Better “Personal Best Lift”

  Train Loco Nation! Today we have a great post by our friend Henrik Kovacs, on strategies for a better personal best lift.  We all want to go into the gym and set “PR’s” and/or “PB’s” with our lifts. Sometimes we just think it’s as simple as going into the gym like a maniac and lifting some heavy weight. Granted, … Read More

The Art of Being Flexible with Your Training Part 1

  By Chris and Eric Martinez Sept 2015-   If only we could travel back in time and know what we know now, maybe we would be world-class powerlifters or competing at the Olympia 😉 All Joking aside, we remember following cookie cutter training programs out of muscle magazines, copying trainers workouts at gyms, following workouts out of books, basically … Read More

Redefine your Core

  Train Loco Nation! Today we have a great post by our friend William Richards, on core stability and strengthening your spine.  Will has a lot of knowledge in the pain management area, specifically in strengthening the core and spine and preventing low back pain. There’s a lot of great practical applications in this article, so that you can try at … Read More

Autoregulation Training Talk with Eric Helms

Train Loco Nation! Today we have an awesome and very informative interview with Eric Helms of 3DMJ. Eric is doing his graduate research in Strength and Conditioning with a focus on Autoregulation Training. There are a lot of misconceptions within Autoregulation Training and we figured Eric would be a great person to straighten some of those misconceptions out. Since he’s doing … Read More