The Day you Began Your Exercise and Nutrition Journey



“Progress, of the best kind, is comparatively slow. Great results cannot be achieved at once; and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step.” –Samuel Smiles


Many can agree with the above quote and many cannot due to the fact of wanting to take shortcuts to reach the fastest way to success. The fastest route is not always the best route to take though… nothing in life comes easy. True success takes work and consistency and lots of it.

This same approach goes for changing your lifestyle in regards to exercise and nutritional habits. Changing your exercise and nutritional habits does not happen overnight… it takes time, consistency, and hard work day in and day out in order for it to develop into a behavior and thus become a lifestyle.


You Need to Build a Strong Foundation

An analogy you can think of is a house and its foundation. Building the foundation of the house is where it all begins. Without that strong base and layout of a foundation…there is no beautiful home built to last years and years.

Same concept with exercise and nutrition…you need to build a foundation so that it can set you up for success, consistency, adherence, longevity, and transition into a lifestyle.


You Need to Slowly Advance to Higher Nutrition and Exercise Levels

Do you think all the celebrities on TV or in the magazines with nice bodies or the great bodybuilders, powerlifters, and even professional athletes changed their exercise and nutritional habits overnight?

We highly doubt that and they all most likely started from the bottom, made mistakes, learned from them, and gradually advanced from beginners to intermediates and finally to advanced levels.


With Nutrition:

  • It starts with building good behavioral habits to create adherence and consistency
  • Having a crystal clear vision and attainable goal within nutrition
  • Then cleaning up your diet, learning nutrient dense food selections, understanding portion control, and then incorporating personal preferences, and flexibility within nutrition

With Exercise:

  • It starts with learning specific movement patterns to get better at specific lifts to increase muscle mass and strength
  • Having a clear cut vision and attainable goal within exercise
  • Then being consistent within training, learning exercise selection, understanding how to progress, and then incorporating personal preferences and flexibility within exercise


Our question to you is “why make these mistakes” if you don’t have to?

What if we told you that we could help you avoid all these mistakes?

If you could get get rid of your pain points within nutrition and exercise, would you?

How about if you were educated on building a solid foundation in exercise and nutrition so you can get started in the right direction to have success long term?

We remember when we first started our fitness journey and struggles with the following:

  • how lost we were
  • how frustrated we were
  • how much money we spent
  • no results
  • how overwhelmed we were with information overload
  • no good behavioral habits were built to sustain a long term fitness journey

Are you tired of not getting results?

How about not getting the right education within exercise and nutrition?

What about not learning good behavioral habits?


If you are looking to build the foundation to a fun, joyful, purposeful, and results driven fitness journey, join our 14 day challenge HERE