5 Cardio Workouts That Lead to Fat Loss

    Video Version   Audio Version   Caaaarrrrdddiiioooo! Kind of sounds like the World Cup commentator famously saying “Goooooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll!” Alright, all joking aside, when we started our fitness journey a decade ago we used to think cardio was the end all be all magic potion that lead to fat loss. Sure, we thought weight training would help build muscle … Read More

Should you do Cardio Before or After Workouts to Avoid Strength Losses

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Ladies: How Cardio is Inhibiting Your Results

Train Loco Readers…How Are We Doing This Month!? Today we have a great and informative guest article by our friend and colleague, Mike Samuels. Mike is coach, trainer, writer, and fellow Team Norton member. We asked Mike to write a guest post for our site on a specific type of cardio that we feel is too common, overused, and is inhibiting females results. If … Read More

HIIT Foreward by Dr. Layne Norton

  In the fitness industry there is no shortage of myths and misconceptions.  I have spent a large portion of my career doing a significant amount of myth busting based on what empirical evidence actually says.  This has not come without criticism and ridicule, however I believe it’s important to always be willing to look objectively at data and determine … Read More

HIIT or LISS Cardio? What’s Better for Fat Loss? A Roundtable Discussion

    BY CHRIS AND ERIC MARTINEZ June 2014-   PLEASE VIEW THIS SHORT INTRODUCTION   QUESTION: For the goal of dropping body fat and retaining muscle mass, doing cardio is obviously an important factor. Given that an optimally designed resistance training protocol is in place, where do you stand on the controversial issue of whether HIIT or LISS should … Read More

6 HIIT Cardio Workouts to Melt Fat Away

    By Chris and Eric Martinez November 2012   These days’ cardio machines are everyone’s choice of conditioning. Why? Probably because you hardly break a sweat, feel no pain, and you’re able to read the latest Gossip Magazine or text message while you’re at it. Yet as much as we do advocate using cardio machines, the correct way that … Read More