HIIT Foreward by Dr. Layne Norton


In the fitness industry there is no shortage of myths and misconceptions.  I have spent a large portion of my career doing a significant amount of myth busting based on what empirical evidence actually says.  This has not come without criticism and ridicule, however I believe it’s important to always be willing to look objectively at data and determine if what I’m doing is in fact optimal.  Even if that means changing my mind on things as I acquire new data.  Cardio is something that I’ve changed my mind on over the years as I’ve acquired new data.  In fact, I used to never do high intensity interval training cardio (HIIT cardio).  I exclusively performed low intensity steady state fasted cardio because I believed HIIT would cause muscle loss and burn less fat.  Over a decade later, I hardly ever do steady state cardio and I certainly don’t do it fasted.  I’ve had a decade to examine the data and it is very conclusive that HIIT is simply superior for fat loss and is likely better for muscle retention.  It is certainly superior when you consider a cost/benefit analysis of your time.  You can literally get a better fat burning benefit from HIIT in a few minutes than you can in an hour with low intensity steady state cardio.

Even though I love scientific based data, I still always test things on myself and my clients to see if it actually works.  Again, with a resounding amount of real world data, I was able to observe for myself that HIIT was superior for fat loss and muscle retention compared to low intensity cardio.  I also saw that people who did HIIT got in great cardiovascular shape, reaping numerous health benefits and not just from fat loss.  In fact, my good friend Dr. Chris Fahs performed HIIT 3x/week in preparation for his last series of natural pro shows and was in such great cardiovascular shape that the heart rate monitors had trouble detecting his resting heart rate because it was so low at around 30 beats per minute!

In this e-book Chris and Eric Martinez discuss why they prefer HIIT, the information on why it is superior to low intensity cardio for fat loss, and how they recommend performing it.  As someone who has worked closely with Chris and Eric for almost five years, I can tell you that they have performed their fair share of HIIT workouts in that time!  Not only do you receive this information and sample HIIT programs, but you will also get access to over a dozen private videos on HIIT cardio to help guide you towards designing, implementing, and performing optimal HIIT cardio.

I hope you are excited, but I also hope you are wearing your big boy/big girl pants because HIIT cardio is no joke.  It will humble and humiliate even the most seasoned cardio veteran.  But if you are willing to tolerate the pain, lung burning, and muscle inferno that is HIIT… then you can reap the benefits.



Dr. Layne Norton

PhD Nutritional Sciences

Owner BioLayne LLC



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