“Run the Rack” Lateral Raises

“Train Loco” Issue# 9


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In this issue we have a shoulder blasting workout that’s gonna leave you begging for your workout buddy to pour water on your shoulders because they’re gonna be burning so bad!

We have a shoulder exercise that consists of 1 working set followed by 3 drop sets. This workout is a nice one to add into your hypertrophy or lighter weight days as this will deplete glycogen and give you a great pump.


Before we give you the protocol, be sure to follow our recommendations for this:

  • For your first working set, do a weight where you can get 5-6 reps
  • On your 3 drop sets, decrease weight by 5-10%
  • Be sure to perform good full ROM reps & focus on form
  • Follow the exact protocol we have, there’s no need to do more
  • Don’t go off and do 12 more sets of shoulder work before or after this protocol


Here’s an example of how to do “Run the Rack” lateral raises:


Weight Sets Reps
30 lbs 1 5-6
25 lbs 1 5-6
20 lbs 1 5-6
15 lbs 1 5-6


Check out the video here on how to do it



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