Drop-Set Method

“Train Loco” Issue #5

If your current workout routine is getting stale or you’ve hit a plateau, try incorporating this technique that has been proven to produce results. Keep in mind this is a system, not a set routine, tailor it to your specific goals, routines, schedules, etc. Remember that this is a tool for your training routine, don’t over use it.

Drop-Set Method:

            Drop –set training involves an immediate reduction in the amount of weight being used so that you can continue to complete more reps for that given exercise. For example, if you can do 10 reps of barbell curls with 100 pounds on the bar, you would first complete 10 reps and then put the bar down to quickly strip off about 10 to 20 pounds.  You then immediately perform as many reps as possible with that weight before putting it down and stripping another 10-20 pounds off the bar and doing more reps. Now, this can continue as many times as you would like, but ideally 2-3 drop-sets is plenty. We recommend you choose two exercises per muscle group, one compound exercise (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench) and one isolation exercise. Another way to use the drop-set method is to do the last set of every exercise as a drop-set. When using the drop-set method, it should be done infrequently so that overtraining does not develop and cause a potential injury.

You might be wondering why use this particular method in your training routine. Well, the benefit of the drop-set method is similar to that of forced-rep training, in that it lets you push your muscles beyond their limits aka to “Failure”. By forcing the muscles to continue contracting with lighter weight will cause an elevated response of growth hormone and Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). The trick to the drop-set method is to keep the rest between drops to a minimum. It’s a good idea to have a spotter help you strip the weight or use dumbbells for the quickest drops in weight. We recommend using the drop-set method no more than four weeks for any muscle group in order to avoid overtraining or a potential injury.

Drop-Set Method example With Deltoids:

Dumbell Press


Set                             Weight/Pounds                   Reps                    Rest

1                                            65                                  10                      None

                                               45                                  7                        None

                                               30                                   5                        2 Min

2                                             65                                   9                        None

                                               45                                    6                        None

                                               30                                    4                        2 Min

3                                             60                                   10                       None

                                               40                                    6                         None

                                               30                                     3


 Lateral Raise (2 drop-sets)


Set                               Weight/Pounds                       Reps                  Rest

1                                                 35                                   12                     None

                                                    25                                   8                       None

                                                    15                                   7                       2 Min

2                                                  30                                   12                     None

                                                     20                                   7                       None

                                                     10                                   6                       2 Min

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