You’re a Woman…Of Course You Can’t!


By: Eric and Chris Martinez

November 2012-


How many times have you been told you can’t do this or you can’t do that just because you’re a female? The word “can’t,” should never be in one’s vocabulary. The word “can’t” is a sign of weakness and passiveness and you’re none of these right?

The past couple of years in the fitness industry we have heard a lot of “I can’t” or others tell women “you can’t.” There has been such a negative perception towards women and weight training. Negative comments, myths, false information, haters, the list could go on for days. Enough is enough and we are tired of seeing women being given the wrong information and being persuaded into not weight training. We wrote an article a while ago on Women and Strength Training is Sexy. But, today, we are going to go a little bit deeper on this topic , we are going to talk about believing that you can change your body, embracing the journey that comes along with it, and loving the new person that you’ve become. We have proof that it can be done. It’s time for women to stop fearing the weight room that is dominated by males. You ready to step your game up? You ready to put all the bullshit comments aside from the haters? You ready to throw “I can’t” out of your vocabulary? Are you with us? Alright…Let’s do this!

Let’s hop right into women not believing in themselves and their capabilities when it comes to weight training. Women don’t believe that they can do it because there are so many holes to fill upon a woman’s lack of confidence and insecurities in order to stay full. They don’t believe it because they’ve never been educated in a way that speaks to them. They don’t believe it because they don’t have the correct support system. They don’t believe it because they simply have never tried it for themselves. What all of this boils down to are the words “I can’t.”

Well let us tell you something about “I can’t.” Our past and current clients are women who don’t believe that serious weight training is limited to men. These are women who believe in their ability to use their bodies in exceptional ways, who challenge themselves daily, who refuse to be mediocre and listen to some of the bullshit fitness mainstream, and these women foster a mental toughness that propels and motivates them each and every day. We are incredibly proud to stand beside these strong and empowered females.

These are women who train fearlessly, intelligently, and purposefully. A strong recipe for what we like to call “Training Loca.” Most, however, have required a lot of convincing, and this is because of all the garbage the fitness mainstream has provided them with and especially the nonsense fitness advice that celebrities freely disperse in magazines. But to be part of such a powerful physical and mental transformation has brought us such gratitude in our lives.

We have witnessed their personal growth and have seen them progress from approaching the weights with skepticism and a timid look to lifting some heavy ass weight and feeling like a beast was unleashed within them. It is hard work convincing a woman that has feared looking bulky from lifting weights to having her execute all of the same lifts that are in fact the things that will give her the lean, sexy, feminine body she desires. It’s even harder work persuading her to shift her goals from cardio machines to strength and power, if she ever wants to attain the body she dreams about.

It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and believing that you can create a stronger inner self, gaining satisfaction through all of it and carrying all of the empowerment you have earned from proving your own bodies capabilities wrong into your everyday lives, whether it’s at work, business, school, family, relationships, etc. Not to mention, you will be looked upon as a role model and many other women will then come to you for advice because they will want the same empowerment that you will be carrying around.

Over the years our clientele has been predominantly women and we have been100% fine with this. We have changed lives, instilled confidence, mental toughness, empowerment and satisfaction, but that meant absolutely nothing in comparison to giving a woman a gift of rejuvenation. This gift has created a new woman that they have fell in love with all over again, a woman that lacks little insecurity, a woman that is confident, a woman that is beautiful inside and out, a woman that is fearless, and a woman that is strong!

These women have been taught not to step into this crazy world of weight lifting, remember? They’ve been told for years to avoid heavy lifting in favor of pink dumbbells, compound movements (bench press, squats, deadlifts) in favor of Pilates, and sprinting in favor of reading magazines on the treadmills. It’s not their fault…it can be changed and will be changed by us. With the right mix of encouragement, believing, motivation, inspiration, education, visual proof, and training loca, our female clients can recondition their perception of weight lifting and will be the future of what Dynamic Duo Training stands for. The word “I can’t” will never be in their vocabulary, not just in the weight room, but in every aspect of life. Are you ready to embrace your new journey?

Here is proof from some of our clients that have embraced their new



Ruth has shed a lot of inches, while gaining lean muscle mass and strength.


Mari has lost inches, weight, and has gained lean muscle mass and strength. An overall amazing transformation.


11 months ago, Lissette couldn’t even do a proper body weight squat and now she just hit a personal best on the squat 155 lbs for 5 reps.


After years of hard work in the weight room, Joanna has improved in all areas of the squat, deadlift and bench press.

3 months ago, Sandra started squatting with just the bar (45 lbs) and she just squatted 135 lbs for 6 reps.


“Train Loca”


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