4 Pillars of Becoming Dynamic within Fitness




We’re really excited about this book of ours because we truly believe in these 4 pillars to becoming dynamic within fitness. The past decade of training, nutrition, life lessons, adherence, personal training and coaching clients has helped us develop these 4 key pillars within fitness.
Our book includes:

• The 4 Pillars of Fitness

1. Flexible Nutrition: Where you will learn the new rules of flexible dieting
2. Flexible Exercise: Where you will learn the art of being flexible with your training
3. Flexible Cardio: Where you will learn what kind of cardio is suitable for you and your goals
4. Lifestyle, Adherence, and Consistency: Where you will learn how to blend these 3 key elements into your life to become dynamic within your fitness journey

• Transformational pictures and stories from real people that incorporated the 4 pillars
• Practical fitness tips that you could apply right away
• And then some!