Flexible Nutritional Guide Book: A Simple, Straight, and Easy Approach




Ever heard someone tell you that you can’t eat certain foods, you can’t have gluten, you can’t have dirty foods, and you can’t eat past 7 pm?

The fact of the matter is, we hear these claims over and over from quote on quote fitness experts. But where is the scientific data to back up these narrow-minded claims? The answer is there never is any quality data to back up such bogus claims. People make up these false claims over and over due to bad info, bad coaching, lack of education, and black and white thinking.

To make this perfectly clear, there is no one universal diet for everyone. Each person’s preferred diet should come through personal preference, lifestyle, and goals.

FLEXIBLE NUTRITION gives you the flexibility to eat your favorite foods in moderation while not feeling guilty. Man diets require you to eliminate certain foods or food groups, when in reality it’s a recipe for binge occurrences, developing eating disorders, and many other harmful habits.

If you are an individual using FLEXIBLE NUTRITION, then this BOOK is for you!