Dynamic Duo Training is looking to sponsor two athletes for the upcoming Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini, and Figure Contest Seasons. We are looking for one male and one female to sponsor through their chosen Contest Prep shows in 2016. This sponsorship will cover our full coaching services that we provide for contest prep (Customized Nutrition, Periodized Training and Cardio Protocol, Supplementation Recommendations, Peak Week Strategies, and More).

The reason why we are doing this is to give back to the bodybuilding community and sport. To help people get into their best condition with our methods, represent Dynamic Duo Training’s mission of safe, healthy, ethical, and scientific approaches. And to educate these athletes so they can apply this to future shows.





  • Must want to compete in a natural show in 2016
  • Must write us a two paragraph description as to why you would be a good candidate and why we should sponsor you
  • Must submit current and past contest pics
  • Must submit your social media account names
  • Must be dedicated and want to represent DDT
  • Must submit all this info on a word document or by our application and send to [email protected]
  • Must be submitted by Sunday December 20th


There are many hard working competitors deserving of this sponsorship, and it is always hard to make our decision.  But don’t worry, because we plan on doing this every year! With that said, best of luck to the applicants!


Download Application———> DDT Sponsorship_Application


















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