An Exercise Guide for Varicose Veins Everything You Need to Know


Varicose vein is a common occurrence among adults. In fact, studies have shown that about 20% would get varicose veins at some point in their lives. So it is not surprising why many people now try to correct their workout routine in order to avoid or try to minimize its appearance.

Before we discuss some of the perfect exercise or workout routines for varicose veins, it is worth mentioning that you cannot permanently cure varicose veins by solely relying on exercise alone. Given that the underlying cause can sometimes be hereditary, the best thing you can do is minimize its appearance or prevent it from even appearing in the first place.


University of California San Diego suggested that exercise is great for people with varicose veins because it improves blood flow.

But, as much as possible, try to avoid overly strenuous and hardcore workouts. It is best to stay away from exercise that puts too much pressure on your veins, especially on the legs where varicose veins are most likely to appear.

Start slow and build gradually. Ease yourself slowly into your new workout routine and then start building from there. This way, your body would have more time to adjust and you would not be straining your muscles too much.



One of the best and low-impact exercises that you can add to your workout routine is walking. It is so simple that you would not even notice that you are working out.

On top of that, you can even add this exercise to your normal everyday life. For example, rather than taking the bus after work, you can instead walk to your house. If outdoor walks are not your thing, then you can just do your regular walk on a treadmill.

Oftentimes, a 30-minute walk is enough to get by and you would already see noticeable results after a few months of consistent walking.



Given that varicose veins generally appear on your legs, cycling is also a great addition to your workout routine. Like walking, you can also add this to your normal everyday routine.

For instance, if your house is not that far from your office, then you can bike to work for 15 minutes and then bike back to your house for 15 minutes. This however is not applicable if you live too far away. In some cases, biking long-distance might even cause or worsen your varicose veins.

As we all know, seating for a long period of time puts too much pressure on your leg veins. Long-period of sitting could make your leg swollen, making you more prone to develop varicose veins.

With that said, the key to this exercise is balance and moderation. Avoid spreading yourself too thin with long-distance cycling. Instead, build a more sustainable and easy-to-maintain workout that you can do regularly.



Aside from being a great cardiovascular exercise, swimming can also combat and help minimize the appearance of varicose veins.

According to Harvard University, it is an ideal activity for people with varicose veins because the pressure of the water can help compress the veins in your legs. It’s the same reason why doctors often recommend support stocking for varicose veins patients. Like support stockings, swimming would also help improve your varicose veins.

Moderation is also the key to helping your varicose veins. If you’re feeling lazy or just starting to learn how to swim, then you can simply use leg lifters or use a kickboard to minimize your movement. This way, your upper body can rest and you can save more of your energy.



It bears repeating that these exercises are not enough to fully and permanently remove your varicose veins. These exercises are just preventive measures and are a way to help minimize its appearance.

Treating and completely eliminating varicose veins requires the help of a doctor or a specialist. Luckily, if you live in any of the major cities in the United States, then you can just call and book an appointment with a vein specialist in Phoenix, LA, New York, Chicago, or any city where you live. There are tons of practicing doctors and surgeons that can help you completely eliminate varicose veins.

But in the meantime, you can simply do these simple exercises and try to minimize their appearance gradually.