Now Offering 1:1 Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting

After doing a lot of 1:1 online training and nutrition consulting work, we’re proud to be offering 1:1 personal training and nutrition consultations. We get a lot of requests for it, and we’re finally taking this on full time.

During our 1:1 personal training sessions, we don’t have a typical 1 hour time limit. We go until we are done and until the client is satisfied. Unless clients are permitted with time, we can work around their schedules with our sessions.

During our FREE 1:1 consultations we cover topics such as:

  • Nutrition, Supplementation, and Cardio recommendations
  • How a proper training protocol and nutrition program go hand in hand
  • FREE Full body assessment to tailor the correct type of training program you will need
  • Other topics related to clients/athletes and health conscious people alike, will be covered

We will be training clients at Warehouse Fitness, so if you are within the radius and If interested in 1:1 personal training and/or nutrition consulting, inquire by using “contact us” option or email us at [email protected] with subject heading“1:1 consults inquiry” and we will send a current costs/packages sheet and then set up an appointment for a FREE full body assessment and nutrition consultation.

Thanks for your time ladies and gentleman and we hope we can help you live a dynamic lifestyle and reach all of your goals. To find out what other clients have said about our services please click here.