Patricia Panceano
Bikini Athlete

My personal goal to step on stage as a bodybuilding competitor in the bikini division was a long standing discouraging path prior to my encounter with Dynamic Duo Training. This journey of mine initiated in October 2011 when I began what was supposed to be a 12 week prep with a well known IFBB Pro competitor as a coach.

My prep was cookie cutter with a “bro/clean eating” diet plan. I felt that I was just another number and just another income for this coach. Unfortunately, I had two more cookie cutter coaches after my first one. I then discovered flexible dieting; which is what works for me.Patricia_Pre Pump4

During my prep with DDT I worked and currently work with coach Chris. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this genuine man. At first, I was hesitant due to the fact that I would not be physically seeing my coach and that the coaching services were online. Let me tell you, this has been the easiest prep for me. Chris was only an email away to answer any questions and was very prompt at responding to my check-ins. He made me feel important like he truly cared about me and my success, something I had not experienced with other coaches.

During peak week, he made things very simple as he guided me through it and was only a text away. All I had to do was follow his directions and trust his scientific knowledge. On show day, it was like he was there with me. Chris guided me throughout the whole day as I would text him sending him pictures and updates on how I felt and looked. Never once was I worried that he would not respond. I walked off that stage feeling confident and happy with the package that I brought to stage.

I had never felt that confidence in my whole life until about 3 weeks out from my show day; a feeling that I cannot but a price tag on nor describe in words and Chris helped me get there. I continue to work with Chris post show, although I got post show blues Chris has never reprimanded me as past coaches would when I struggled. To hear a coach say “Like I’ve said before I would never give up on you, I just need good communication and for you to meet me half ways” displays that he truly cares for you! Chris has gone beyond his means and my expectations to ensure my success. He is not like any other coach!

Tyler Kirby
Natural Bodybuilder Athlete

I joined Team DDT near the end of the preparation process for my first bodybuilding show when I was concerned about not making my desired weight class. Not only did I easily (and safely!) make my weight class under their guidance, I made my biggest gains during those last few weeks of prep.

Chris and Eric helped with every step of prep/peak week process and definitely got me in the best condition to step on stage. I felt great the day of the competition due to not performing any crazy carbohydrate/water/sodium manipulation and I think it showed in my physique. Overall, working with DDT has been a great experience and the flexibility of their preparation plan makes me look forward to doing another show with them. Thanks again Chris and Eric! fake richard mille watch

Jon McQueen
Men’s Physique Athlete

When I committed to competing in Men’s Physique, I had confidence in myself to go it alone, but I felt that if I had someone keeping me accountable, that I would do a lot better, and so I reached out of Chris and Eric of Dynamic Duo Training to help me with my contest prep. I chose Dynamic Duo Training because of what they stand for, their knowledge of nutrition and exercise science, their work ethic, and that I’ve known them for many years and the kind of people they are. What better way to have two individuals helping you with your contest prep than just one!

We started my contest prep 11 weeks out from my first competition where they were able to create a nutrition and cardio program based on my attributes, and make weekly adjustments based on my weigh-in numbers and picture updates. Going into my first competition (NPC San Francisco), Dynamic Duo Training dieted me down about 15 pounds, shredded/lean, where I placed in the Top 5 for my class (Class F), not bad for my first competition! What I though was the amazing part is that I just followed the program they set out for me minus some supplements. Goes to show you that a well-designed plan can get you amazing results without ergogenic aids.Jon McQueen - Men’s Physique Athlete

As a team, Dynamic Duo Training and I decided to carry the momentum of my first competition into my second one, which was Musclecontest.com’s Iron Games in Culver City. From the feedback we got from the judges (needing to build upper chest and shoulders), we decided to come in leaner for my second competition and have these weak points pop out a little more. Dynamic Duo Training dieted me down about another 10 pounds in 4 weeks time, where I’ve been in the best condition of my life. I’ve never been so lean and shredded while still holding a lot of my strength and muscularity. I was definitely the best-conditioned athlete in Class F for that competition, but unfortunately, we didn’t place as they were looking for a bigger size physique.

We’re now in the off-season where they’ve put together a reverse diet plan (clean bulk), and we’ll be taking time off from competing to put on some solid muscle mass and bring a better overall package come 2014, definitely 2015.

I’ve already had the know-how and knowledge of tracking my macronutrients, but to have Dynamic Duo Training take all the guess work out of it and just follow the plan they laid out of me made everything that much easier. I’ve never had so much fun going through the dieting process, watching my body change, and seeing the results on a daily/weekly basis.

Chris and Eric of Dynamic Duo Training are not only true professionals and great at what they do, but I’m proud and thankful to have them as my coaches, to share my journey with them, and to have them as friends for so many years. I look forward to the journey ahead of us, the results along the way, and future endeavors.

Kim Fairbrother
Figure Athletee

When a group of my friends decided to do a bodybuilding/figure competition together, I was thinking “there is no way I can handle eating fish, chicken, and vegetables for every meal. That kind of diet is too hard”. Before I committed, I researched as much as I could and came across Chris and Eric of Dynamic Duo training.

Kim_stageChris got back to me within a few minutes of my very first email to him and from there we never looked back. He taught me all about flexible dieting and made sure that during prep I was lifting heavy and doing only the amount of cardio absolutely needed. I went through the entire contest prep without ever really feeling deprived of eating what I wanted to eat, and I was still making solid strength gains until the end.

Chris answered every question I had along the way, and I felt that he truly cared about my health and success. On the day of the show I felt healthy, strong, and more than ready thanks to proper guidance and no gimmicks. Now I can actually say that I loved the process and can’t wait to compete again in the future!


“It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve started a new health/fitness program with Chris. My goal is to gain 15lbs. in muscle. So far, the program that he set up for me has been working great in regards to the meal intake that has to be consumed for it to work properly. As far as my work outs, I can definitely feel the difference from what I typically do compare to what he has me doing now. I have a thin/slender body type and I would occasionally not watch my meals throughout the day since I thought it really didn’t matter much due to the fact that I want to gain weight, but the FitClick website he recommended is one of the best sites I’ve tried and its more than essential to my knowledge with my meal intake as of now and the Recipe tab helped me more than expected. Other than that, I’m really looking forward into seeing results within the next 3 months, which I’m sure he’ll deliver.”
Angelica Jimenez, San Jose, CA

Reyes Preciado“DDT has an exceptional knowledge base and experience in the bodybuilding field by stating what methods should be done and included researches to back up facts on why the precise methods should be employed”
Reyes Preciado

“Working with Eric Martinez was awesome, before working with him I had my doubts about his online process of nutritional plans and training plans. But I was wrong, I am in the best shape of my life and I gained a lot of education from Eric throughout his program. My goal coming into this was to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle, after three months I have accomplished my goals thanks to Eric and his knowledge. I plan on working with Eric in the future again, this was definitely a successful experience for me.”
Andrew, Cotati CA

“Dynamic Duo Training has no non-sense, customized nutrition and training plans designed for perfection. All my life I have been an active athlete, I have tried many supplement products, training programs, and good healthy dieting habits. With all that said I never got the true results I have been looking for. After working with Dynamic Duo Training I have gained more knowledge in the nutritional and training aspect. Dynamic Duo Training helped me understand the exact amount of daily macro nutrients my body needed in order to gain more mass. Dynamic Duo Training stressed the macro nutrient importance to me and by following their programs I am proud to say I have met my goals and will continue to have more success in the gym. The fact that they support you 100% makes their programs easier to follow, and having every question of mine answered puts the icing on the cake. Dynamic Duo Training is the way to go for the future.”
Jose, Petaluma CA

“Big thanks to Chris! I came to Chris weighing 185 lbs, consuming 2,300 calories, and my metabolism wasn’t at an optimal rate. At the end of 7 months, I’m down 6 pounds, consuming 3,100 calories, and my metabolism is firing at an optimal rate. The training was intense, but solid. I gained strength, and dropped fat. Pushed myself hard, and worked my ass off. When I had questions, he had answers. It was good to have someone to go to, and who had knowledge, and a different perspective. Nothing that’s worthwhile comes easy. Put in the work, and always trust the process! Thanks again!”
Mike Fraser

“The amount of time that Chris and Eric put towards helping their clients is amazing. I was fortunate to have them on my side when we started prepping for the contest. The experience of having Chris and Eric coach you through a contest prep really is awesome. They both are very excited about helping people meet their goals. They bring a huge amount of excitement, motivation, and dedication with each and every client. Throughout the prep they gave me specific updates on my macros, motivational emails, tracked my progress and this evidentially helped me win my class in my first show. I learned so much from working with them and getting their insight on the “no bull” body building lifestyle. Chris and Eric’s techniques are backed up by scientific proof and evidence. It is definitely an honor and privilege to work with Chris and Eric.”
Alex Landeck

“The amount of time that Chris and Eric put towards helping their clients is amazing. I was fortunate to have them on my side when we started prepping for the contest. The experience of having Chris and Eric coach you through a contest prep really is awesome. They both are very excited about helping people meet their goals. They bring a huge amount of excitement, motivation, and dedication with each and every client. Throughout the prep they gave me specific updates on my macros, motivational emails, tracked my progress and this evidentially helped me win my class in my first show. I learned so much from working with them and getting their insight on the “no bull” body building lifestyle. Chris and Eric’s techniques are backed up by scientific proof and evidence. It is definitely an honor and privilege to work with Chris and Eric.”
Alex Landeck

“There are many positive adjectives I can use to describe training with Eric Martinez. I feel this wouldn’t describe it well enough but I will try my best. When I first started, my goal was to lose weight and look “good.” He didn’t only assist with that aspect, but he introduced me to the beauty of lifting heavy and with that came different goals.
He took the time to explain the approach we were taking with my nutritional plan as well as making it specific to my body’s needs. Eric is so passionate about what he does and he genuinely cares about helping you achieve your goals without putting your wellbeing at risk. You’d be surprised at some of the outrageous diets trainers put their clients through. Yes they will achieve fast results but not for the long run. When I first started, I couldn’t do a proper squat, now my PR is 200lb and 265lb on my deadlift. This whole experience has been life changing and empowering. Eric has really contributed with much more than losing weight. He presented to me a new way of living.”
Sandra Velasques

“My goals before working with Eric were to lose 20 pounds before summer and have the confidence to wear a bathing suit again. After discussing everything in detail with a month to month phone conversation with Eric about my results, food intake, training programs made this program much easier. Easier because he motivated me and believed me, Eric was truly here to help me reach my goals. Having constant email access to him made me more secure about his philosophies and for me I felt very comfortable asking him any questions I had on my mind. Eric kept telling me to trust him and follow my diet just the way he planned it for me each month and everything else would take care of itself. After 4 months of hard dieting and training I reached my goals and had the confidence to wear a bathing suit again. Thanks to Eric I am a overall better person today and I feel like I know more about health and fitness. If I ever need to get fit again, or accomplish another fitness related goal I will definitely contact Eric again.”
Melissa, San Francisco CA

“I’ve been training with Chris for over three months now. The results I have achieved to this day are highly due to his combination of challenging workouts and dieting plan. He designs plans to fulfill each individual’s needs and goals. His professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to his work have made my training a lot easier and fun. He is very accessible and always there to answer any questions you may have. He has helped me set a path for a healthier lifestyle: I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. Highly recommended, he will lead you every step of the way.”
Andrea F. Santa Rosa, CA

“Hello. I’m Ali and I’m 26 years old. I want to thank Chris and Eric of Dynamic Duo Training for all the help and knowledge they have passed on to me these last few months. Everything from nutrition to different workout routines has enabled me to achieve the best physique of my life thus far at 9% body fat!!! I’m not gonna lie, at first, I was unsure about getting trained because of my good ol ego rearing its ugly face, but I gave it a try and it seemed like these guys just knew what the hell they were talking about. People, these guys are the real deal!! This is their lifestyle and they want you to enter the realm of happiness. Thanks Dynamic Duo Training and I can’t wait to receive more tips from you guys!”
Ali Aimaq

“After losing 60 lbs, my body had a lot of loose skin and was very flabby. I tried several programs but was not able to build muscle or lose any more inches. With Eric’s nutrition and training program I was able to lose inches, lower my body fat and gain lean muscle. Before starting with Eric I was a size 13 pants and large size shirts and I fit into a size 9 pants and small size shirts. I gained a lot from working with Eric but most important I gained the confidence and knowledge to train in the weight room. Before working with Eric I was scared of lifting heavy and would only do cardio at the gym. The training program came with instructions on proper form and video tutorials that helped understand how to properly perform the exercises. I learned about the importance of meal timing and getting the proper macronutrients in my diet something that I was clueless about. Checking in weekly helped me stay on track and keep myself accountable.
While working with Eric, I reinjured my back. Eric customized my training program to work around my injury, helped me find a good chiropractor, worked directly with my chiropractor and helped me find corrective exercises. I know that Chris and Eric truly care about their clients and provide us with the best nutrition/training information. They are constantly researching, taking classes and getting more certifications. They are always up to date with information and with current research. One of the reasons why I decided to work with them was how they reach out to the community and really want to make a difference in the community. They do care about helping others and invest a lot of time and effort into providing the best to their clients and fans.”
Mari Preciado

“The personalized workout and nutrition plans Chris created for me made it so easy to begin my transition toward a healthier lifestyle. I knew day-by-day what my nutrient intake should be, I have a list of suggested foods to help me meet that intake, and which workouts to do to meet my specific goals. And if I have any questions – any at all – Chris is more than happy to answer them for me. This is very important to me because, like many people, I am often confused about what the “good” and “bad” things are in health and fitness. But Chris answers my questions daily, again, making this transition easier for me. Shortly after beginning my training, it became clear to me that Chris definitely knew what he was talking about. And, after just a few days, I began to feel energized and more focused mentally.
What impresses me most about Chris is his level of dedication to helping me reach my goal. I feel like my personal fitness goal is his personal goal. From the moment I received my personalized workout and nutrition plans, I knew that Chris had given 110% of himself. I’m a pretty determined person myself, but the enthusiasm and support Chris gave me as a personal trainer, in addition to his vast knowledge, gave me the confidence I needed to realize my goal. I now know I can do this. And even though I probably would not have been able to start this without him, Chris reminds me often that I also have to give everything I have in order to achieve my goal.”
Natalie Mendoza

“I have been working with Dynamic Duo for the past six months now. I worked with Eric one-on-one for the first four months, and have learned tremendously from him. I would have never thought I would be the type of girl to lift heavy weights and actually enjoy it! It has been quite a journey, and the best thing I admire about these guys is that they never give up on you. When I worked with Eric one-on-one, he always made sure I was on track with my training and my nutrition plan. Training with Dynamic Duo I am able to eat right, and not starve myself. As well as Lifting Heavier and not having to break my back, or do a bunch of cardio. Dynamic Duo has helped me reach my goal in losing 15 pounds. It didn’t matter how long I would be able to lose, because I learned from these guys is that you aren’t going to get the results you want in 1 or 2 weeks. It takes a long process but let me tell you, it is worth it! I am truly honored in working with Dynamic Duo Training, especially Eric Martinez because he helped me reach my full potential and made me realize that this is truly a lifestyle!”