Zoom Fitness Coaching is Actually Zooming you Away from Having a Real Online Fitness Coaching Business

Zoom Fitness Coaching is Actually Zooming you Away from Having a Real Online Fitness Coaching Business



Potential Client: “So how does the online personal training thing work? Do you train me through your computer or what?”

Online Personal Trainer: “No [while chuckling]…that’s not how it works at all. I customize a training and nutrition program around your goals, preferences, and lifestyle…then I hold you accountable with weekly-online check ins until we get your desired results.”

This was a dialogue that went on between our Dynamic Fit Pro student, Chris Polanco, and his potential client.

Chris ended up signing this client up for a high-ticket transformation program that allowed him to serve the client at the highest level, generate more income, and time freedom for himself.

The dialogue above is quite common with online personal training.

There is a lot of confusion with the consumer and the coaches.

Consumers think that online personal training is through zoom only.

Online personal trainers don’t know anything different, so they get stuck in this online zoom fitness model.

[Side note: online zoom fitness is literally personal training people over zoom, motivating them, counting reps and sets, etc]

Here is the issue though…  

Its not a scalable and sustainable business model.

When we did the bulk of our online personal training from 2011-2019 through Dynamic Duo Training, not once did we do an online zoom fitness coaching session and we worked with over a thousand clients in that time span.

This allowed us to sustain a six figure online personal training business.

You may be saying, “Okay Chris and Eric, so what…how does that help me?”

Hear us out.

We are HUGE advocates of the Hybrid Training Model because you have the best of both worlds within online personal training and in person training.

In fact, the Personal Training Development Center did a survey with over 1,000 personal trainers that showed that the average Personal Training session was between $50-70 US per hour.

They also revealed that those who trained at small boutique gyms made more money than Personal Trainers at big box gyms. Moreover, they showed that when you do the Hybrid Training Model, you make more overall income per year.

Now, if you sit there and do in person private training sessions plus online zoom fitness coaching sessions, this is a recipe for disaster.

The business models are broken!

The issue with in-person personal training is it isn’t scalable.

So, you will run into the same issue with online zoom fitness coaching sessions.

You need an online personal training model that is scalable and frees up more of your time.


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The past six months, with the pandemic, gyms closing, and personal trainers losing their jobs…we’ve gathered extensive data with our Dynamic Fit Pros from over a 100 hours’ worth of group-live calls and real time feedback.

And we are sticking our flag in the ground, being unapologetic, and explaining to you… why you should strongly consider pivoting out of the online zoom fitness model and get into true online personal training so you can have a more profitable, sustainable, time freeing, predictable and consistent income fitness business model.


In this article, we will break down:

  • Our future predictions for the fitness industry and you the personal trainer
  • The new online personal training models in town
  • How to zoom your way out of the online zoom fitness model



The Pandemic Closed Gyms and Forced People to Go Online


We remember on March 11, 2020, WHO (world health organization) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

You would see these types of things in the movie theatres, but never did you think this would become your reality.

Since then, this has become a disaster for the fitness industry.

 How badly did COVID-19 affect personal trainer salary? This bad:

  • 58 percent of personal trainers lost some or all of their income.
  • 23 percent of trainers were either furloughed or laid off, and 6 percent hadn’t yet found new jobs.

[These stats came from the personal trainer development center, full article HERE]

What this ultimately did was force personal trainers to have to go online.

The days where you had a choice to either do in person or online personal training are gone.

Going online now is an absolute must.

Hence, why we advocated the hybrid training model the past 3 years for personal trainers.

[Dynamic Fit Pro Student Spotlight: Take Ashley Soro for example, when the pandemic hit, she didn’t even attempt to do online zoom coaching because she had her real-authentic online personal training business set up and converted her in person clients to online…see how she set it up below]



When you think about it, all those fancy-expensive certification organizations out there never taught personal trainers real-authentic online personal training so everyone had to pivot to online zoom fitness coaching.

There is a small handful of fitness professionals that have already been doing real-authentic online personal training and didn’t have to be forced to pivot into this new broken business model of online zoom fitness coaching.

 Seeing our Dynamic Fit Pro students and other personal trainers getting forced and stuck in this “new” in person model of online zoom fitness coaching where it’s not sustainable, scalable, and you’re not getting your clients the best results…is something you are going to want to pivot out of fast!


Text the word “zoom” to 213 319 6702 to get the video




Are There NEW Online Personal Training Models in Town?


Remember the good ole western movies such as “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” or “true grit?”

There was always a new sheriff, a new cowboy, or a new gang in town.

From what we’ve seen the past six months, with the pandemic, gyms closing, and personal trainers losing their jobs…we’ve gathered extensive data with our Dynamic Fit Pros from over a 100 hours’ worth of group-live calls and real time feedback.

Which leads us to predicting there are new online personal training models in town:

[Dynamic Fit Pro Student Spotlight: Juan Salgado, experimented with online zoom coaching for a week and absolutely didn’t enjoy it, so he pivoted to real-authentic online coaching. See some of the other cool things he’s doing within online coaching]




How to Zoom Out Of This Broken Business Model


If you’ve seen the movie “the wrong missy” with David Spade.

In the very beginning, he’s on a blind date.

He tells the girl he’s going to the bathroom.

He then tries to flee the date by climbing out of the window.

The hilarious part is the girl slides on her back under the stall and catches him trying to flee their date.

If you are a personal trainer, you should consider zooming out of the online zoom fitness model just like David Spade tried fleeing his blind date.

This brings us to…[drum roll, lights, camera, action…]

The new vehicle of opportunity being real-authentic online personal training!

The NEW- real-authentic online personal training model would look like this:

Step 1) Have a coaching model and system (one to one or group) in place where you create individualized training and nutrition programs

Step 2) Customize the individualized training and nutrition programs and send it off for them to follow on their own

Step 3) Have an accountability system in place where they check in weekly

Step 4) Answer questions throughout the week

Step 5) Focus on client experience and getting them desired results

Step 6) Watch them pay, stay, and refer




And learn how to build a more profit rich online fitness coaching business with predictability and consistency which can make you an extra $1-2k a month and free up more time in as little as 21 days!

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