We’re Tired of the Fitness Industry


January 2013-

We remember when we first got into the fitness industry, 2 years ago to be exact. One of our biggest goals was to help as many people as we could. All we wanted to do was prove to people that they could do the most amazing things if they work hard, be consistent, avoid the naysayers, and push themselves past limits they didn’t even think were possible. We wanted to create a culture where people would feel strong, empowered, energetic, alive, sexy, and then some. This is what we call “Living a Dynamic Lifestyle!” As time has passed us, we have kept a very keen eye on how the industry works and to be quite honest we are just sick and tired of how the fitness industry has been going.

The biggest problem we have is the way clients are being treated. These clients pour their hearts and souls into trainers and coaches. Oh and we forgot to mention they pay a lot of money too. So why is it that hard working clients should be treated like crap after wanting to make a change for themselves and spending a lot of their hard earned money at the same time? Well, there are a lot of reasons that this is happening and we could sit here and write an entire book on the reasons, but we aren’t going to go that far today.

Clients really need to start doing their research on trainers and coaches. We say this because there are bad and incompetent trainers and coaches out there, there are excellent trainers and coaches, there are coaches and trainers that just want to make a quick buck, there are trainers and coaches that truly want to help and care about you. The list could go on, but it’s up to you to do the research and hire the right one.

We have heard some pretty awful stories these past 2 years when it comes to bad trainers and coaches. We have had clients come to us and tell us that their coaches don’t answer their emails until a week later. Their coaches tell them not to question their programs and methods. Their coaches give out the same cookie cutter diets to all of their clients. Their trainers don’t do a full body assessment before training them. Their trainers give them a P90X style workout and just exhaust them every session without any type of structured routine and thought out periodized programming to ensure progress. Their coaches have them on 800 calorie diets while doing 2 hour cardio sessions 5 days a week. Their coaches blame them for not following their guidelines and if they don’t do well in a show or competition, they just dump them. Their coaches tell them to eat certain “magical foods.” Like we said we can go on for days with these stories we get.

It just really pisses us off how these clients get treated and the one thing that just literally blows steam out of our ears is when coaches damage their client’s metabolisms. Dr. Layne Norton did a fantastic video on metabolic damage that we highly recommend you watch and he talks about very similar cases that he’s dealt with clients. Its one thing to take someone’s money, but it’s a whole different ball game to sit there and damage their metabolisms and overall health. Our fingers are shaking as we write this! It’ll take years until some of these clients get their metabolisms back to normal and it’s all because of a coach that was incompetent or just wanted to make a quick buck and not give a shit about the client’s health.

Another steam blower would have to be when clients don’t get the proper full body assessments or screenings before being personally trained. It’s unbelievable how some of these trainers will just by pass an assessment, but will be so quick to throw a client into squats, deadlifts, bench press, cross-fit, etc. or just give the client a good ole ass kicking workout so the client leaves satisfied. This is a terrible strategy and is a recipe for disaster just waiting to happen.

So as you can see, It’s really disturbing hearing these kinds of things because we as trainers and coaches are here to help the client and give them as much value as they pay for and then some. So this is why we say that clients really need to step it up and make sure to do their research before hiring a coach or trainer. It’s a crazy and scary world out there anyway that you look at it, so just be smart before you hire a coach or trainer.

We aren’t here to bash other trainers or coaches, sound like know it all’s, or we don’t want people to think that we are trying to do this to get more clients. But we are here to get rid of all this bullshit mistreatment to hard working and paying clients. We know damn well that there are other good and competent trainers and coaches out there that feel the same way as we do. These coaches, trainers, and gurus that do this kind of crap to clients should be out of business ASAP.

So, hopefully we informed you on what we have noticed the past 2 years and why we are getting tired of the fitness industry. So, just another refresher for you:

  • Make sure you are getting treated right
  • You’re getting a lot of value in return
  • You’re getting educated
  • Your emails and questions are getting answered in a reasonable time frame
  • You’re getting an assessment or screening before training
  • Make sure you click with your trainer or coach

Or look for 3 things in a coach aka “The Trifecta” as Layne Norton likes to call it. Look for someone that has education, has experience working with people and has gotten them results and has experience with themselves whether it’s doing a competition or getting results on themselves. With all that being said, tell us what your beef is with the fitness industry?


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