Total Daily Energy Expenditure:

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How to Read a Nutrition Label:

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How to Read Food Labels and Count Your Macros

Please watch this video as we discuss how to read food labels HERE


How to Evenly Distribute your Macros 

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Whats Most Important When it Comes to Protein Intake 

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Hierarchy of Nutrition:

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Great source for creating meal plans within your macros is, HERE

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Solutions to Hitting Your Macros Video, HERE

Over 20 minute’s worth of solutions on how to hit your macros in different cases and scenarios.


Questioning My Fitness Pal’s accuracy? Try using these tracking platforms:

My Macros +

USDA National Nutrient Data Base

If you use My Fitness Pal, don’t rely on their macros for foods, input everything off of your food labels from home and build yourself your own database within My Fitness Pal


DDT Vacation and Travel Guide 

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DDT Healthy Meal Ideas

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Need Healthy Recipe Ideas that have the macros?

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Just realize that brands vary with macros and ingredients