Teaghan’s Fitness Journey Dropping 16 Pounds in 8 Weeks


Teaghan Talks About His Fitness Journey


Today is another amazing fitness transformation by my friend and client, Teaghan Avrett.

Teaghan came to me 8 weeks out from his show in Texas and needed to lose close to 20 pounds.

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to do it because…

A) 20 pounds in 8 weeks isn’t easy to lose


B) Losing anything more than 2 pounds per week is a risk for muscle mass loss

After I did the initial phone call with Teaghan, got to know him, heard in his voice how dedicated and how bad he wanted to do this, I knew together, we could get the job done.

Fast forward 8 weeks later and we got down 16 pounds for his show in Texas.

This was a great learning lesson for Teaghan because it made him realize that needing more time to diet properly is key and including diet breaks in the future is vital to minimize muscle mass loss and mitigate metabolic adaptations.

None the less, I’m extremely proud of Teaghan for his 8 week dedication and hard work and its been an honor being by his side coaching him and getting to know him and being able to call him a friend now.

-Coach Chris



188 pounds


8 Weeks Later

172 pounds



Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Fitness Journey Length: 8 weeks

Focus: Fat loss, retain muscle mass and strength, manage energy, mitigate metabolic adaptations, and keep the weight off post show



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