Super Set Method

“Train Loco” Issue #3

If your current workout routine is getting stale or you’ve hit a plateau, try incorporating this technique that has been proven to produce results. Keep in mind this is a system, not a set routine, tailor it to your specific goals, routines, schedules, etc. Remember that this is a tool for your training routine, don’t over use it.


Superset Method- Sweat, pump, and gutsy! These three words best describe the most punishing shock routine ever exploited. The superset! This fantastic method consists of blasting the hell out of a specific body part with two exercises in rapid-flame succession, with no rest between them. I’m talking about cranking out a set of barbell bicep curls to failure then immediately busting out a set of seated preacher curls. You can also use this method with opposing body parts such as a chest workout followed by a back workout or a quadriceps workout followed by a hamstring workout. We are huge proponent of super setting and these are the reasons why:

  • Our vascularity not only contributes to a muscles overall size but also to how well the muscle functions. A pump will build more capillaries in a muscle, which gives it more size and super setting gives you one hell of a pump!
  • There are a number of different types of fibers in every muscle. If you want the most growth out of exercise you must stimulate as many fibers as possible. Basically you need a variety of rep ranges to attack all of the different fibers. Repetitions from 6 to 8 reps attack the highest amount of fast twitch type 2 fibers. However after this there are still a lot of higher rep type 2 fibers left over. Supersets can kill two birds with one stone. Supersets allow you to go heavy and high rep at the same time, in turn you were able to stimulate muscle growth in most of your fast twitch fibers and some of your slower twitch muscle fibers. Example of this is a set of heavy dumbbell press’s for 6-8 reps super setted with dumbbell flyes for 12-15 reps. Your muscles experienced a heavier load followed by a lighter load and thus encountered more fiber stimulation.

Take home message, the superset method is an ideal way to build muscle. There are so many things you can do when it comes to super setting: It’s a smart way of training, intense, builds up weak areas, and cuts down on overall time in the gym. Try being creative with super setting and see what you can come up with. Yes supersets can be useful but only if properly implemented. Overdoing them will cause performance decrements.

Superset Examples:

Chest- Compound movement (incline, flat, decline press) super setted with some sort of fly (incline, cable, dumbbells, pec deck)

Biceps- Dumbbell curls super setted with easy bar curls

Triceps- Lying tricep extensions super setted with dips

Back- Lat pull down super setted with standing straight arm lat pull down

Deltoids- Any type of compound shoulder press super setted with front raises or side lateral raises

Quadriceps- Squats super setted with seated leg extensions

Hamstrings- Stiff legged dead lifts super setted with lying leg curls

Calves- Standing calf raise super setted with seated calf raise

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