Successful Entrepreneur Gets in the Best Physical Shape of Her Life

Ellen Talks About Her Fitness Journey



Coach Chris Breaks Down Ellen’s Fitness Journey



I’m excited to share my client and friend, Ellen Lin’s, fitness journey. I first met Ellen a year ago through an entrepreneur mastermind and one of her main goals besides growing her business was to get in the best shape of her life.

When she came to me 22 weeks ago, she was 30 pounds overweight, feeling tired, sluggish, not happy with her body composition, and most importantly, her confidence was down, and that was carrying over into her business.

I knew I could help Ellen, I just had to get her to buy into that this fitness journey she was about to go on wasn’t going to be a quick fix or overnight results thing.

Ellen bought into the system we have, which is starting with the beginner’s stage, then leveling up to the intermediate stage, and lastly to the advanced stage.

She learned how to make this a part of her lifestyle, she learned lifelong nutrition tools that she can use anytime now and even when she’s traveling the world for business, she made an investment in putting her health at the forefront, and I cant be more proud of her since I see so many entrepreneurs and business people neglecting their physical and mental health.

-Coach Chris



139 pounds



109 pounds



Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Fitness Journey Length: 22 weeks

Focus: Fat loss, increased muscle mass and strength, increased energy, get in the best shape of her life, gain more confidence, and feel comfortable in her own skin again



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