Strawberry Dream Fluff






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First off thanks so much to Chris and Eric Martinez with Dynamic Duo Training for allowing me to share a recipe I’ve been working on!





So here’s a recipe that’s quick, easy, satisfies that sweet tooth and perfect post workout with the high protein content. Last but not least what I love about this recipe is how volumizing and macro friendly it is.









Macros for that entire blender full.

20g Carbs

2g Fats

40g Protein

260 Calories




Say What!!!!!!

Poverty Macros no problem split it in half.

10g Carbs

1g Fat

20g Protein

130 Calories





-45g Whey Protein

*vanilla woks best

-3oz Alomond Milk


-5g Coconut Flour

-5g Sugar Free/Fat Free Jello

Pudding Mix (Cheesecake)

-1oz pasteurized egg whites

-100g Strawberries

-1/4 cup zero calorie  sweetener

-200g Crushed Ice

*Optional Light Whip Cream and sprinkles



Directions Simple!

1.  Add everything into blender.






2. Blend for 4-5 minutes or until no more ice chunks.







Just look how much volume it has and how fluffy the texture is!












That texture though!!!!!


Add some whip cream                                                                              And sprinkles









So last but not least but what separates this frosty from the rest? First my goal was to stay away from xanthan gum, which I accomplished while still having an incredible texture. I Was also able to keep it low calorie that’s always a plus. On top of, using most ingredients that can be found at any grocery store! Hope you enjoy give it a try and would love to hear what you think you can find me on all social media handles @macro_marciano enjoy!














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