Registered Dietician Overcomes Body Image Issues, Past Coaches Quitting on her, and Hits The Stage…


Hey there ladies and gentleman! I am excited to share my client and friend, Kimberly Wingard’s 18 Week Bikini Prep story with you!

Kimberly first reached out to me about wanting to try her first bikini prep competition, I could tell she had an itch to try it out, and I told her if you have an itch, you need to scratch it. Normally I emphasize to clients to do a longer prep around 24 weeks to have more time and be ready but I had a great feeling about Kim’s experience with training, being a Registered Dietician and competitive nature to get it done in 18 weeks and she did 🙂

Kimberly is a warrior and came from some past coaches that let her down and actually quit on her in the past. Her past coaches also never taught her the importance of making her fitness journey Realistic, Enjoyable, and Flexible. Basically, everything was rigid and looked at as black and white. Once I knew this information I knew I could help Kimberly out both inside the gym and outside as a person all around.

Kimberly also dealt with some body image and nutritional habits in the past and my goal as a coach was to re-frame her mindset that she doesn’t have to be perfect nor is anyone else during their fitness journeys. Once Kim bought into my philosophy, she took off and made amazing progress, it was so awesome to see her grow inside and outside of the gym.

Kimberly had her ups and downs towards the end of her prep just like every other competitor and she ever ever threw in the towel and quit. I was by her side every step of the way to encourage her and Kim overcame every obstacle and placed 3rd in Novice and 2nd Overall in her Open Class!

I am extremely proud of Kim’s success and please take a moment to listen to her entire story in her video, it’s amazing and so many people can take something from it 🙂

-Coach Eric


-She won 3rd place in her class and 2nd place in the overall for her first show

-She lost 18 lbs

-She lost 6 inches off her waist

-She kept the majority of her strength

-She became more knowledgeable and confident

-She never had to restrict the foods she liked.


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