Sustainable Results Gained After Repeated Plateaus in Exercise and Nutrition…


Before we get started on Rafael’s awesome journey, make sure to watch his video above as he tells all of his struggles and how achieved his goals.

Rafael first came to us with a goal of dropping 10-12 pounds for a vacation he planned for spring. Rafael had some frustrations of hitting a weight loss plateau in his past dieting phase a year before, as well as dreading to go the rigid route of dieting. He also needed more guidance on a sustainable exercise program that was realistic, enjoyable, and most importantly flexible.

With some structure, flexibility, education, guidance, science, and accountability we knew we could guide Rafael and he would thrive! So we set him up using flexible dieting for his daily nutrition, programmed him a strength training protocol that ensured progressive overload, strategically implemented cardio throughout his 12 week dieting phase, and he ended up doing very well by losing 10 pounds overall, dropping a couple inches off his waist, and adding some muscle mass.


Week 1-

160 lbs.



Week 12-

150 lbs.



The moral of Rafael’s story is he lost a significant amount of body fat, maintained lean body mass, and never had to deprive himself from foods he enjoyed during his weight loss phase. He set a goal 12 weeks out from his vacation and nailed it! Rafael also developed a ton of great nutritional habits such as meal frequency, nutrient timing, the science behind macro counting, and much more.

Most importantly Rafael made an investment in his health, education, and overall lifestyle and can now use all of the knowledge and tools we provided him for the long haul.

We’re extremely proud of Rafael and it’s been an honor coaching him and being a part of his journey.


Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Focus: Fat loss, increased muscle mass, and education





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