QUALITY custom made competition bikinis- Interview with Toxic Angelz Bikinis Founder


DDT: Hi Margaret, could you give us a little background info on Toxic Angelz Bikinis?

Margaret: It has always been my dream since I was 15 years old to design bikinis.  I had lost my job as a dental assistant. At that time I used all my energy into making my dream come true.  I never took out a loan.  I used what I had to get what I needed done to make this happen.  And now here I am living my dream.




DDT: You used to compete in bikini competitions yourself, was this a major driving force in starting Toxic Angelz Bikinis? What sparked your interest to start this company?

Margaret: Yes of course.  I wanted the fitness industry to be my main focus.  I know how a bikini should fit like and how it should feel and I was very familiar in the industry.




DDT: Were not going to lie, you have some pretty awesome custom made competition bikinis, so that leads us to asking where do these creative-custom made ideas come from?

Margaret: A lot of it has to do with my awesome Dream Team and of course my clients.  A lot of my clients come to us with their vision and we make their vision come to life. When my clients are happy, it makes me happy.



DDT: What would you say separates you from other competition bikini companies?

Margaret: QUALITY!!  We make your bikinis with the best genuine Swarovski cystals.  Our stones are heat set so they are made to stay on.  The bottoms fit like a glove and the tops have good support.  Each bikini is handmade and that is why they will stand out from the rest.




DDT: If you could travel back in time, what would be the 3 biggest things you would do differently with Toxic Angelz Bikinis?

Margaret: Hummmm, good question.  I am really happy with my company.  I think the only thing I would do differently was start my company a lot sooner.  🙂




DDT: We heard Toxic Angelz will be at the 2016 LA Fitness Expo, where can our reader’s find you guys and what will you be up to during the expo?

Margaret: We will be right in the middle of the convention center at booth #1135. We will have tons of goodies for everyone that comes to the booth.  Also we are getting rid of our 2015 bikini styles.  You don’t want to miss out.  Please everyone will get a chance to meet our ANGELZ, IFBB PROs, and our dream team.




DDT: What are the big 2016 plans and vision for Toxic Angelz Bikinis?  

 Margaret: To expand my company.  We are going to be launching figure suits and workout apparel. And hope to accomplish this by the end of the year.




DDT: If your company was gone, social media was deleted, your followers left, and all your merchandise was erased… you have a piece of paper in front of you and it was the final moment and you had to write 3 truth’s you knew were to be true and this was your final message to the world, what would those 3 truths be?


  1. Humble, perseverance, integrity.
  2. Perseverance, integrity.
  3. Integrity



 kelly_bikini shoot2



Fun Time!



DDT: Any chances of you getting back on the bikini stage?

Margaret: Yes, probably at the end of the year.  Watch out!



DDT: Your favorite song to listen to while making custom bikini’s is________________?

Margaret:  Anything up beat.



DDT: Your favorite controlled-indulgence meal is______?

Margaret: Crockpot chicken, Thai stick rice, brocilli. lol



DDT: What does Margaret like to do for fun? Please don’t hold back on us 😉

Margaret: Riding my motorcycle, hitting the slopes snowboarding and letting loose being active.




DDT: Where can our readers and supporters follow you and your work?

Margaret: Www.toxicangelzbikinis.com

Instagram @toxicangelzbikinis


Pinterest @toxicangelzbikinis




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