Prioritize Training Principle

“Train Loco” Issue #1

If your current workout routine is getting stale or you’ve hit a plateau, try incorporating this technique that has been proven to produce results. Keep in mind this is a system, not a set routine, tailor it to your specific goals, routines, schedules, etc.

Prioritize Training Principle- If you have a lagging body part, which a lot us tend to have; there’s no need to freak out about this or give up on it. It’s a very common issue that evolves because of genetics, lack of concentration, too much focus on other body parts, etc. The priority training principle means giving your specific body part(s) that is lagging behind others top priority in your workout schedule. There are several ways to attack this principle:

  • Schedule your lagging body part early in the week when you are fresh, focused, and strong! Ex) If legs are a lagging body part, try doing them on Monday rather than later in the week.
  • You can work out your lagging body part first in your workout instead of at the end when you are fatigued and burnt out. Ex) If upper chest is a lagging area, try hitting more incline movements earlier in your routine as opposed to later.
  • You can hit that specific lagging body part 2-3 times a week instead of 1 time a week. Ex) If Biceps are a lagging area, throw in 3-4 sets of curls on chest or leg day.
  • You can choose exercises such as isolation exercises to focus more on that lagging body part, as opposed to more compound exercise that could potentially be dominated by your stronger body parts. Ex) If triceps are a lagging body part, instead of doing dips, overhead extensions, try doing one arm cable press downs or reverse cable press downs to keep that constant tension on the muscle.

Take home message, use this prioritize training principle for weak points and lagging body parts only. People make the mistake of using this principle on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. Build a well balanced physique overall, so you don’t have lagging body parts.

“Train Loco”