Physical Therapy Student hits Summer Body With 12 Week Goal


Hey there ladies and gentleman! I am excited to share my client and friend, Tori Hayne’s 12 Week Dieting Phase story with you. Tori has been a long time DDT client and friend and this past Summer she told me she wanted to drop some body fat, turn it up a notch, get lean for the Summer, and rock her bikinis!

The first thing I asked Tori before putting together a game plan was, “what is your WHY for wanting to diet down?” Once she told me her WHY I felt comfortable proceeding and she crushed her 12 week goal!

See what Tori has to say as she tells more details about her journey above in her video.

Tori previously came from an unexperienced coach that never listened, shamed, guilted, and never applied any sustainable tools for her to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle while reaching her goals. When I started working with Tori I had to help her build that trust in me and told her that I would never be that coach that shames or guilts her. After Tori and I developed a strong relationship, she flourished!

Tori is also a full-time Physical Therapy student that works her butt off inside and outside the gym! Tori never has made one excuse and has always taken her priorities very seriously inside and outside of the gym. These are some key things I have seen from Tori the past few years working with her and it’s been an honor seeing her grow in all aspects of life.






After 12 weeks:

  • She lost 7 lbs
  • She lost 2 inches off her waist
  • She kept the majority of her strength
  • She actually increased some muscle mass
  • She gained more knowledge and confidence
  • She made mistake along the way but always got right back on track
  • She never had to restrict the foods she liked, and used flexibility ūüėČ

It has been an honor coaching Tori and I am extremely proud of her and being part of her journey.

-Coach Eric






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