No Excuses, Only Solutions!


By Eric and Chris Martinez

September. 2012-

We often hear so many excuses when it comes to health, fitness, and dieting. We have been hearing these same excuses for years. These excuses, in our minds will never go away. It’s almost like all those BS myths about health and fitness out there, they will never go away. Let us present to you some of the common excuses that are always lingering and will most likely never go away.

The number one excuse is there’s no time to workout with my busy schedule. My oh my where to start with this one. To us that’s very hard to believe, might as well play the “oh poor me game.” We completely understand people work eight hour jobs, sometimes even longer hours, have kids, have other priorities in their lives, I mean who doesn’t. But, this is your health we are talking about. Without you being healthy you can’t work, make money, be a parent, etc. It’s so vital to exercise and eat healthy from time to time and you really don’t have time for this? Give us a break.

When people tell us they don’t have time, we know it’s an excuse; there is always 30-60 min to spare for exercise. Many individuals would rather spend their time on useless things or simply just lounge around and watch TV or roam their Facebook instead. Whether it’s before work, on your lunch, after work, or late at night when all the kids are in bed, there’s always time to get some exercise in. Even if you can exercise at least two to three times a week, it’s better than nothing. We’re not saying you have to be in the gym consistently everyday, not everyone has the same goals when it comes to fitness. If anything do it for the sake of your own health and to set an example for your kids. These days, with the obesity epidemic we are faced with, kids are being brought into this with the perception of being overweight is okay. Definitely not okay.

We cannot stress how important it is to exercise your muscles from time to time and to get your cardio in for cardiovascular reasons, both short and long term health wise. No excuses, only solutions, remember this as we are only getting warmed up.

Excuses for eating healthy, these excuses are our favorites. There are so many excuses when it comes to eating healthy it becomes funny at times, there could probably be a book written. People always tell us, it’s too hard to eat healthy all the time, it’s too expensive, it’s too time consuming, bad genetics, my family always makes bad food so I’m forced to eat it, ect. All of these excuses are not good enough; they are a bunch of BS! Of course eating healthy is challenging, why would it be easy? If it were easy, everybody would be walking around in shape and fit. And to add to this, just like when you want something in life it never comes easy, so why would eating healthy be? It’s a lifestyle change and a very difficult one, but it’s doable and most importantly necessary.

We understand there are many temptations when it comes to food, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and saying no or not even putting yourself in that type of environment where you feel obligated to overeat is something you must take accountability for. Eating healthy is very psychological and sociological and could be very depressing at times. We get it, awesome foods are what make us happy and give us comfort, right? This is still not a good enough excuse folks.

The Next excuse that really blows our mind is when we hear, my food has no flavor, it tastes too plain and my kids won’t eat it. Really now, there are endless amounts of seasonings, low-fat and low-sugar sauces, and spices available to make your food taste great, it’s called experimenting until it tastes good. This is just another excuse that you don’t want to take the time to try something new because it’s so easy to cook something you’ve had before that you know is going to satisfy your taste buds. And if your kids won’t eat it, serve them up a nice plate of veggies and see how they like that. Set the example!

Yet another one of our favorite excuses is when people think by going to the gym or going out for a run means they’ve accomplished something; well you haven’t if you don’t stick to a proper nutrition program and give your body the necessary macronutrients and micronutrients it demands and deserves for a proper recovery. People often tend to make the same mistake after a workout; they feel they can eat whatever just because they have exercised for the day and feel that they have earned it. Go ahead and give yourself a nice pat on the back, but by eating unhealthy foods after all that hard work, you will never see results, going to the gym becomes a waste of time for you if you have that kind of mentality. This will also be an open invitation to having an eating disorder. Also, you will eventually give up because you are not seeing any body compositional changes, which then will lead to throwing in the towel.

Before we get into our last excuse, we are sure there are those reading this and saying what assholes, they don’t know our situations. Can’t please everyone and to each their own opinion is fine by us, but we only speak the truth here and we do it because this is what we are passionate about and we care. With that said when we hear that eating healthy is too expensive, we think it’s just another excuse to add to the list. The reason being people spend their money on useless things and if they just took the time to educate themselves on nutrition they would really understand the true meaning of eating healthy. We are trying to make it clear that it is an investment buying healthy foods and exercising, of course it’s going to be expensive, but it’s an investment that will benefit you and your kids in the long run. We aren’t saying you have to go and buy the most expensive foods; there are alternative foods out there that are affordable. When we were kids, we grew up eating nothing but bad foods, so we understand when parents just feed their kids whatever, because they don’t know any better. Little do these parents know that it’s their child that suffers as they get older weight wise and then you end up spending a fortune on hospital bills. We promise you by eating healthy and exercising it will benefit you in almost every aspect of life possible. Make the right choice and start today. Once again No Excuses, Only Solutions!


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