Mother of 3 Finally Feels Comfortable in her Own Skin!


How’s it going ladies and gents! Today we are excited to share our client and friend, Melissa Mendez’s 16 week Reverse Dieting Phase Success and Journey. Melissa first came to us with the goals of wanting to lose body fat, build muscle, increase strength, and most importantly feel comfortable in her own skin and gain more knowledge within training and nutrition.

Melissa was on a very low calorie intake for her body weight before starting with us and we took the time to explain and educate her on what was the best route for her goals and overall health through a phone consultation. It is not east telling someone you want to add in food and increase calories for 12-16 weeks haha. Melissa was a bit hesitant at first but then trusted us little by little and once we were able to build her calories up little by little she got a positive response metabolic rate wise and actually dropped body fat and gained muscle mass simultaneously.

Melissa really improved her overall body composition while dropping a total of 7 pounds while increasing calories, building better habits, learning how to find balance, and feeling better about her overall image! Melissa is a lady beast and she was waiting to be unleashed 😉


Week 1-

150 lbs.

1,500 calories

Waist circumference 29 inches


melissa m


Week 16-

143 lbs.

2,000 calories

Waist circumference 28 inches


melissa m2


We like to show these stats because too often we see misleading information about weight loss or weight gains and we are all about authenticity here. The moral of Melissa’s story is she lost a significant amount of body fat while increasing her calorie intake, increased lean body mass, strength, and is now in a healthy place enjoying herself. Melissa worked her ass off each and every day and not to mention Melissa is a mother of 3 kids, a wife, and business owner! Pretty bad ass if you ask us!

We’re extremely proud of Melissa and it’s been an honor coaching her and being a part of her journey. Most importantly it’s been amazing getting to know Melissa as an individual and we consider her a friend and part of the DDT family!


melissa m3


See what Melissa has to say about her 16 week Journey …


Looking back on my story, it’s hard to remember where I came from! I contacted DDT and got in touch with Eric back in September, which is when this journey began. I weighed 150 lbs. and my waist was 29 inches, and I had just had my third baby in April. Overall I remember feeling pretty tired, low, energy, cranky, and just wondering how I was going to get back in shape this time around. I’m a 28 year old mom with three children aged four and under, and I wanted something that would be sustainable for me with my lifestyle and overall just busy, crazy life.


In December of 2013 I had contacted a “transformation” coach because I was interested in doing a bikini competition after having my daughter in May of that year. A friend of mine had used this coach, so I contacted her and got on a meal plan. After several months of eating 900 calories/day and doing 60-75 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week, I lost weight extremely fast, but was exhausted and not feeling very great. My strength suffered and I wasn’t seeing any change or gains in muscle mass. Once I finally realized this wasn’t the best approach and fired said coach, I had a really hard time incorporating foods back into my diet after being so restrictive. I was extremely sensitive to food, couldn’t eat anything processed or with dairy without breaking out in hives and my skin hurting to the touch.


Fast forward to September of 2015 when I met Eric and my life changed for the better!! I remember talking with him on the phone and thinking to myself, “what could really be different this time?” Right away Eric told me that I was eating not nearly enough food, and that he would help me through the process of reverse dieting. As each week went by and he told me that I would be increasing food even more, I would panic a little inside. I thought there was no way that this could work for me…. eating more food, doing less cardio, and seeing these changes in my body seemed too good to be true. The coolest part is throughout the process I never felt like I was depriving myself. I was lifting heavy weights, eating really well, and having a blast!


But sure enough, week after week, I was losing pounds while gaining muscle and changing my entire body. The progress pictures were what helped me trust the process the most – just seeing the small changes week to week was so encouraging. I started trusting Eric, and also looking forward to our weekly video check ins. I could tell him about my week – if I hadn’t done things as great as I’d hoped – and he would always have some words of encouragement and find some way to help me push even harder. I could also just be extremely honest with him about how I was feeling with everything, and he in turn was extremely honest with me, which I know is what has helped build a solid relationship built on trust. It made it easier to trust the process and know that I was for sure in good hands with him. Not to mention, during this time I had never felt so strong… because I was finally eating what my body required to kick butt in the gym and see some real muscle develop.


Another really important thing I learned in this process is that the number on the scale is not everything. I currently am only about 5-6 pounds down from where I started, but my waist is 2 inches smaller and I have a whole lot more muscle on this body. There were many weeks where I would text or email Eric panicking about the number on the scale, and instead of making me feel like an annoyance (which I probably was), he would talk me through it and make sure I was looking at things rationally and realistically.


I could go on and on about how much I love Dynamic Duo Training and how much they’ve done for me. Eric and Chris are so knowledgeable, professional, and just great at what they do. Fast forward almost a year and I’m still with them… still learning and growing… and feel like I have the best guidance/support I could have ever hoped for! I don’t know what’s up next, but I know Eric willhelp guide me wherever it is that I want to go! Bikini competition? I wouldn’t do it with anyone else!! 🙂

-Melissa Mendez



melissa m4

melissa m5