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“Train Loco” Issue# 11


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In this issue we have a fat blasting exercise that will leave your legs begging for a massage the next day. We recently were listening to Muscle College Episode 3 and Dr. Jacob Wilson was talking about how he came up with a Mock Wingate Test HIIT cardio protocol on a regular stationary bike.

Of course our eyes lit up and we wanted to try it. Once we experimented with it, it turned out to be TWICE as hard as a regular HIIT bout on the stationary bike. Our legs had an incredible pump during this workout, very similar to a high rep hypertrophy leg workout. The next day was even worse, all we can say is tons of stretching and foam rolling.

What this Mock Wingate HIIT Protocol does is it increases a high rate of speed and force which eventually acquires more muscle fibers, the more muscle fibers you acquire leads to more muscle growth, the more muscle growth you induce the higher your metabolic rate increases, and a higher metabolic rate equals fat loss.

You can’t produce this kind of power and force on the stationary bike without following this mock Wingate protocol. Unless you have access to a Wingate bike which will be even better than this protocol. But, for the simple sake that all of us don’t have access to a Wingate bike, follow this protocol:

  • 5 min brisk pedal warm up
  • 4 sprint intervals of 20 seconds
  • Start at level 3 on a stationary bike
  • Start pedaling as fast as you can while cranking the level from 3 to level 16 (this will take 3-5 seconds)
  • Do your 20 second intervals at level 16
  • Bring the level back from 16 to 3 for a 2-3 minute brisk pedal
  • Repeat 3 more times
  • 5 min brisk pedal cool down

Check out the video here on how to do it


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