Low Energy, Tired, Stressed, and Not Feeling Sexy…Melissa Transforms her Body and Lifestyle


Before I get started, make sure you watch Melissa’s incredible story regarding her fitness journey (see above)!

Its been a pleasure working with Melissa and helping her transform not only her body, but helping her create more energy in her life and leading to her being more present around her amazing and supportive husband and beautiful four kids.

When Melissa reached out to she was in a very common situation that a lot of females can relate to and thats low energy, tired, stressed, not comfortable in her own skin, and not feeling sexy.

Instead of taking the easy way out and following fad diets and gimmicky exercises, Melissa made a great investment in not only her health and body, but a program where she would transition it into a lifestyle.

I’m extremely proud of Melissa for never quitting, never making excuses, and following through on the plan we mapped out together.

-Coach Chris





215 pounds





170 lbs


Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Focus: Fat loss, increased energy, gain confidence, sexiness, and comfort in own skin again


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