Luis’s Fitness Journey to Getting in the Best Shape of his Life

It’s always a true honor to be able to share these success stories because they’re real life transformations and it can inspire and motivate others to put their health and fitness at the forefront.

Luis, came to me wanting to lose weight, build muscle mass, strength, and feel better in his own skin.

Besides Luis getting in the best shape of his life and dropping over 40 pounds, he is thriving in his overall lifestyle.

His confidence is up, his energy is increased, he has more purpose and fulfilment each day, his day to day happiness is up, and it’s all creating a snow ball effect with his overall lifestyle.

I couldn’t be prouder of him for the hard work and dedication he put in while working with me these past 6 months.

-Coach Chris



215 pounds



170 lbs


Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Fitness Journey Length: 24 weeks

Focus: Fat loss, increased muscle mass and strength, increased energy, get in the best shape of his life, gain more confidence, and feel comfortable in his own skin again




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