Battling Depression, Getting in Mental Shape, and How I Became the Best Version of Myself!

I’m so excited to share my friend and client, Kelly Smiths, amazing transformation and fitness journey.

Kelly worked with me a couple years back and flourished throughout her contest prep journey, hit the stage for the first time, and got in the best shape of her life.

After her show, she faced some adversity and developed an eating disorder, dealt with depression, lacked mental clarity and purpose, and gained over 40 pounds.

Kelly then took a year off from focusing on her physical appearance and started working on her mental health, overcame her binge eating disorder, learned to cope with her depression, graduated from college, became an aspiring MMA fighter, and lost over 35 pounds.

I couldn’t be more proud of her and how she overcame that dark period in her life.

Kelly is a true inspiration and I’m so fortunate to be a part of her life and fitness journey.

-Coach Chris



158 pounds
















120 pounds



Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Focus: Fat loss, improve relationships with foods, increase mental health, gain confidence, and increased happiness



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