ISSA Health Coach Certification

ISSA Health Coach Certification

Become a Certified HEALTH COACH!

As a Health Coach, you’ll help clients overcome physical and mental barriers preventing healthier living. Get the tools and motivation so your clients will implement the lifestyle changes to improve their physical health.

From chronic health conditions to behavior changes and motivation, Health Coaches have the tools to help people overcome every type of fitness obstacle.

On your path to becoming a Certified Health Coach, you’ll learn:

  • How Setting Fitness Goals is Essential to Long-Term Success
  • To Use Positive Psychology with Personal Training Clients
  • About Heart Disease: How Exercise Can Prevent a Silent Killer
  • How To Boost Mental Health Through Fitness

Who Are ISSA Health Coaches?

When exercise and diet isn’t enough to fully live a healthy lifestyle, Health Coaches step in to help clients reach their wellness goals. Your ISSA Health Coach certification will prepare you to work with any client with any health condition. Your knowledge will help your clients create lasting healthy behaviors that will change their lives for the better.

Health Coaches have the solution for overcoming whatever may be preventing a client from achieving their goals.

Why Become A Health Coach?

Health Coaches address obstacles bigger than what can be solved in the gym. They provide the guidance needed to help clients with health conditions, and develop programs that empower these individuals — providing insight, accountability, and motivation to make lasting positive change. ISSA Certified Health Coaches offer an essential service to trainers, other health professionals, and clients.

Become a Health Coach if you:

  • Value the importance that health plays in reaching fitness goals
  • Want to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives
  • Are interested in psychology and positive behavioral change
  • Want to get more clients
  • Are looking for a new and lucrative way to continue your fitness education

What Knowledge Will You Gain As a Health Coach?

As an ISSA Health Coach, you’ll gain the skills you need to work with clients who require an expert in health, psychology and fitness – because these clients need it all to reach their goals. You will provide essential training to help them overcome struggles that are leading to a lack of goal achievement, motivation, or behavior change – and ultimately, help them live their best and healthiest life.

In ISSA’s Health Coach Course, You’ll Learn:

  • Cognitive Behavior Approaches
  • Goal Setting and Psychology Skills for Health Coaching
  • Chronic Health Conditions

ISSA Health Coach Program Certification Specializations

This carefully selected set of course programs enables you to build your skills and provide your clients with the tools they need to overcome physical and mental health barriers to achieve their optimal wellness.

  • Exercise Recovery — Unlock the science behind recovery techniques to help athletes and all your clients feel better and get results faster. Show clients how recovery, sleep and stress are connected so you can build long term customer loyalty and maximize your revenue. See What’s Included.Nutritionist — Learn how to coach clients and build personalized nutrition programs, including the best use of micronutrients and macronutrients. Master the psychological strategies behind coaching food selection, meal preparation, and healthy nutrition. See What’s Included.Online Coaching — Start, manage and grow a successful online coaching business. Learn how to attract clients and gain new revenue streams from anywhere in the world. See What’s Included.Transformation — Master the techniques to effectively coach and influence behavioral patterns for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. Help your clients achieve long lasting lifestyle changes. See What’s Included.Weight Management — With the Weight Management Specialist course, you learn how to help people transform their lives with healthy eating habits, improved physique and better overall health. See What’s Included.Yoga — Expand your practice by learning the cuing and flow that make great yoga classes. Combine the most in-demand yoga applications with scientifically proven practices using Vinyasa flows that will help your clients achieve new levels of fitness and wellness. See What’s Included.

How the ISSA Health Coach Certification Works

Complete Health Coach Core Course + 3 Specializations
You’ll get: Health Coach Certification + Your Choice of 3 Specialization Programs


Available Health Coach Certification Programs
ISSA offers 3 custom Health Coaching Programs to fit your interests and client prospects.  Watch your income grow by an average of + $4,000 per year, for each specialized certification you hold.

What You’ll Get With The Health Coach Certification Program

  • Online Course Textbook
    When you select your health coach certification program, you will gain access to all the relevant course materials for the Health Coach core course (shown here) and for the 3 specializations in your chosen program.
  • ISSA Certified Health Coach Textbook
  • Chapter Quizzes to Help You Master the Materials
  • Video Lectures That Make Health Coaching Easy To Understand
  • Unlimited Education Support
  • Guided and Structured Study
  • Learn at Your Own Pace Lessons
  • Online Final Exam