Interview with Marc “The Machine” Lobliner

By Chris & Eric Martinez (DDT)

May. 2012-

Ladies and gentleman (drum roll)… It’s time to get to know a little bit more about one of the health and fitness industries leaders and someone we truly respect and highly look up to. Put your hands together for Marc “The Machine” Lobliner!

DDT: Who is Marc “The Machine” Lobliner and where did this nickname come from?

The Machine: Marc Lobliner is a father, husband and businessman. Being a bodybuilder is not who I am, it is a part of me as a businessman and person. As owner of supplement companies (EthiTech Nutrition and MTS Nutrition), I need to represent. Also, I enjoy being big and lean! But first and foremost, I am on this Earth to provide for my family and to treat people with respect; the way I want to be treated. I also try to give back as often as I can through charity and doing good deeds.

My nickname came from an old colleague. I was prepping for a show, had a newborn baby, and was working 20 hour days at Scivation’s infancy. He said, “Dude, you are a Machine.” It stuck. 🙂

DDT: What got you into bodybuilding?

The Machine: Health and fitness and to help get better at football are the reasons. My main reason for starting exercising was to prevent diseases for myself but luckily, this carried over into football and allowed me to excel at that. The main driving forces were my parents…

My mother was/is a drug addict and my father was an overeater. He developed type 2 diabetes. It started with the doctor saying,


“If you don’t watch it, you’ll get diabetes.”


“If you don’t watch it,
you’ll need to inject insulin, not just take pills.”

And finally,

“Your kidneys failed.
You’re blind, deaf, and cannot drive or work ever again.”


I recall coming home from football practice one day as a senior in high school to find my apartment filled with paramedics. My father had a stroke. This was not the first. It was on a business trip to Arizona when he had his first stroke. I cried for hours. I witnessed his demise and it was all because he didn’t take care of himself.

This is when I decided health and fitness was for me. I was in high school and the latter part, college. I witnessed this. I still wish I could have helped him but as I have learned, you can only help those that want help.

I decided that would never let this happen to me?  I decided that I’d never do this to my children. I decided to work towards elite fitness, help others to do the same, and I hope that my clients and fans will now too for the sake of their families.

What got me into competing was the simple fact that no other company owner (of a large company) was doing it. So as owner of Scivation at the time (not anymore), I dieted down and did it. And guess what, people DO care if you practice what you preach. I do the same now with MTS Nutrition and EthiTech Nutrition.

DDT: What drew your interest towards creating for the infamous supplement company Scivation?

The Machine: The industry was hurting. I worked with a lot of nutrition companies while I worked with Weider Publications and their ethics and opinion of consumers made me sick. This is ultimately why I resigned. We provided service you can trust and ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions. To this day with my new brands and with, I am accessible. Hell, my cell phone number is (818) 554-8771. If you don’t believe me, call me and find out! Especially cute women! 🙂 Also, QUALITY was and always will be emphasized in anything I am involved in!

DDT: What made you venture off and start your own supplement company and work with Tiger Fitness?

The Machine: I resigned and sold my shares of Scivation in July, 2011. Coincidentally, Katie (my wife) and I had a four day vacation to Myrtle Beach planned for the Monday AFTER the resignation and it had been planned for months. We left, we were having fun playing with the kids at the beach and after two days, I was bored. I missed working and helping people reach their goals! I then aligned myself with the most ethical, best PERSON I have ever met, Chad Vordemesche, owner of and started working with him. I then launched MTS Nutrition and EthiTech Nutrition sold exclusively at until mid-2013 and BOOM, game over. We are bringing something new to you alongside amazing prices—PERSONAL SERVICE! You need something, we are here for you. And not some rep in India, no-no. Call the (877) number and hit “3”, it goes straight to my cell phone. Hit “1”, Chad might pick up the phone. We are not some little scrawny punk behind a keyboard or some fat dude in a polo shirt, we are here, exposed, and ready to help you reach your goals!

DDT: What are your top 5 values in life?

The Machine:

1)     Do Unto Others (Golden Rule)

2)     Ethics

3)     Morals

4)     Hard Work

5)     Avoiding Complacency

DDT: Where do you see yourself in say 5 years? What are your long term goals?

The Machine:

Long term goals-

Support and love my family and send my kids to college.

Continue to grow MTS Nutrition and Ethitech and in 5 years be a top-5 player in the industry.

Help propel to a perennial top 2 internet supplement retailer.

Make people happy.

As for where I will be in 5 years, I have no idea. As long as I have Katie and our children with me, I am content.

DDT: If you could start all over again, what would you do differently with training and nutrition?

The Machine: Nothing and everything! I did some weird things, but that all led me to where I am at now and I think I have OPTIMAL for most understood based on the current anecdotal and scientific data I have seen and wrote about in But it is ALWAYS evolving and I am not afraid to change or evolve what I do.

DDT: How do you balance everything out in life? Kids, marriage, work, bodybuilding.

The Machine: Up until last year, I SUCKED at it. I did my best, but traveling 300 days a year makes it difficult. Now, it is easy. I train at the same time as my wife and we spend time together. I work 16-20 hour days, but I make time to do things with the kids. The key is to prioritize and set in motion what needs to be done. If you focus and do FOCUSED work, it is much more efficient. Essentially, focus on the task at hand, don’t dilly-dally or fuck around, and get it done. THEN you will be efficient!

DDT: What does “The Machine” like to do for fun? Please don’t hold back and get shy on us 🙂

The Machine: I have no hobbies, but playing with my kids and seeing and being a little kid myself is my pride and joy. My wife, after 15 years together, is still absolutely hot to me so I like to play with her too. LOL

I love my job and my family, so basically a day at the park with them is what makes me smile.

DDT: When it’s all said and done, what kind of legacy does Marc “The Machine” Lobliner want to leave?

The Machine: I just want people to say “He cared.” I want people to know that while this industry is my source of income, I care about people and never put monetary benefits above ethics. This is not what I do. I would rather live in a trailer and work at a fast food restaurant than hurt people. I also want my kids to be successful and happy.

This was a great honor. Thank you for interviewing me.

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