Interview with Figure Competitor Capucine LeConte


By Eric and Chris Martinez (DDT)

December 2012-

Como estamos ladies and gents! For this months interview we have an up and coming figure competitor star and fitness model from Miami that has a great head on her shoulders and is striving for greatness! We are very proud to be interviewing Senorita Capucine LeConte. Get ready to learn something today folks…DALE!!!

DDT: Could you give us a little background info on who Capucine LeConte is?

Capucine: Oh boy this is a tough one since there’s such a bizarre story to how I got into all of this. I suppose you could say I was the girl in school that everyone new about. Not because I was hot or anything just cause I had the type of personality that could basically get along with anyone. I had always been the jokester or chatter mouth in class and hung out with anyone who was cool on some level or not. I came from an ethnic background that didn’t really believe in working out or at least incorporating that lifestyle as a way of life. I grew up on grio, plantains and white rice, topped off with spicy pickles, better known as authentic Haitian food. Somewhere through the years my mother who never the less always threw down in the kitchen but had decided to start cleaning up everyone’s diet in the house. I’d say she took it to the extreme and in the end my reaction to the forced diet abruptly took me on stage and the rest, well…. is history.

DDT: How did you get started with fitness modeling and bikini shows?

Capucine: Well soon after I got the urge to start educating myself with in the fitness industry I encountered a trainer at the gym who bluntly confessed to me that despite my drive and charisma in the gym “ I hadn’t the slightest idea what (beep) I was doing ! LoL. Oh boy that was it from there. Following a brief catty discussion, we began training everyday (cost free) at 5 am ! Monday through Saturday! Through the progression he surprised me with tickets to the “Miami Universe!” It was a wrap from there. I completely became infatuated with anatomy and I was more than determined to get my foot and in the door!

DDT: We have been to Miami Beach twice and absolutely love it there. How is the overall fitness industry in Miami?

Capucine: EVERYONE is about how they look in Miami. Despite the over bearing UV Rays you kinda have to be! You don’t wanna be that random group of people or tourist or native whatever laying on the beautiful sand of Ocean Drive with a keg for a belly. So in all fairness I’d have to say that the majority of the population here takes fitness pretty seriously. And not just on a physical level, but more sp on a lifestyle level such as foods, yoga, and outdoor recreations.

DDT: You’re in the process of becoming a Registered Dietician, what are your plans after you get registered as an RD?

Capucine: You know after doing a few of these interviews the answer becomes more and clearer with time and experience. One of the most satisfying and uplifting things that occurs daily for me is when a random cashier or pedestrian stops me at a store or gas station and starts asking every question in the book about how and why I do what I do. I can spend hours with a random stranger and start spilling my guts out on all the secrets and trials I experienced to get where I am. The satisfaction I feel from them truly is the gift that keeps me going. Being that I did not grow up with the necessary support from family to progress sooner than I have, the love and support from any given person in my day truly feels a apart of my life and heart that makes it all worth doing and I am grateful for every moment. So in a nutshell, I’d like to open my own gym and nutritional service to the general community where ever I may land a few years from now. Meanwhile I work on my credentials, branding, and networking myself through practice of what I believe in so as the time approaches there are no Ifs, ands, or, buts, about my approach.

DDT: What’s your favorite body part to work out? And what’s your current training split look like?

Capucine: I recently became a “Bombshell” and unfortunately cannot disclose the specifics of my current training program but I will share this. Up until I was accepted on the Team about two months ago, I kept sort of an interval split between body parts while incorporating 20 min cardio intervals to boost my metabolism and help with muscle separation. It went a little something like this:

Monday: Legs/ Abs

5 x 20, 15,10,10,8 Free Weight Wide Squats

5 x 20,15,10,10,8 One Legged Smith Machine Lunges

5 sets Stiff Leg Cable Lifts on Platform

SuperSet[4×20] Seated Curls /Lying Curls/Cable Butt Kick Backs

3 x 30 Lying Cable Over Head Crunches

Tues: Chest /Shoulders/ Traps/ Claves

2 x 30 Pushups

3 x 30 DB Incline Flys

3 x 25 Standing Cable Cross Overs

3 x 30 Single Lateral Raise (pour out the Milk) =) Raise arm to the side shoulder level pause the turn DB inward as if pouring out a glass of milk. This does wonders for that rear front delt separation .

3 x 20 Seated Arnold Press

3 x 10 Barbell Rows to the Chin

4 x 20 Calve Press on Leg Press Machine

4 x 20 Standing single Calve Raise

3 x 30 Seated Calves

Wed: Back/ Biceps/ Plyos ( Jumps, Core, Cardio )

3 x 20 Pull-ups

2 x 25 Wide Grip Assisted Pull- Ups

5 x 30,20,15,10,8 Single Arm Cable Pull Downs To the Side

4 x 20,15,12,10 Weighted Hypers

Super Set

4 x 20,15,12,10 Good Mornings

60 Frog Jumps

5 min Super Man Stablity Holds Alternating Legs N arms

20 Min Stepper Switching Between Level 5& 10


Jump Rope 5 min

50 Pop Squats

50 High Jumps

50 Single Leg Box Jumps

50 Pop Lunges

1 Min Hiseman

1 Min Squat Holds

20 of each Pop, High, Lunge Hops

Sat & Sun I call my “active rest days,” usually I try to get myself into anything that involves me to be active during my day, this can be anything from a invigorating yoga class, bike, run, or beach run, or even a trip to a new farmers Market! Many people neglect to care for their diet throughout their quest of a fitter life. You would be surprised at the plenty of fat burning metabolizing foods out there. A trip to the farmers market could be the latest addition to a great body!

DDT: How did your past OCB Natural Yankee Classic show go on July 21?

Capucine: I must have answered this question a million times since the show since everyone has so impatiently been waiting for the results. So I’m pleased to answer it yet again through this interview so it can reach everyone at one time. Basically the show went just as I had planned it to go. The goal for me was to leave with a lasting impression! As I DID! My coach was not as pleased but it is the case sometimes that the results are not as always expected. And that’s ok cause at the end of the day it’s not really about what place you get, it’s about the impression you leave behind. This is what the hard work is all about. So basically I stepped on stage “Bikini Girl Ready” with the assumption I was receiving first place and instead stepped on stage with an angry roaring crowd shouting out “POLITICS !” I’m pretty A.D.D at times and I hadn’t a clue what was going on, as far as I was concerned a big smile and courtesy was all that was left on my end. I stepped off stage and was bombarded with all kinds of questions as to how I felt receiving 3rd place and whether or not I felt robbed of a pro-card. At the end of the night the conclusion, which came to me straight from the judges was that “although I surely caught the crowd and looked exquisite, my abs had been just a tad bit too defined for some of the other judges.” So this brought down my average placing to 3rd . No big surprise there since I am originally a Figure Competitor. It was a lesson learned and experience well worth having. I surely will never give up my abs and I will take this as just one of those things to smile about and deal with it!

DDT: If you could start fresh again on your bikini competing journey what are 3-5 things you would do differently knowing what you know now?

Capucine: Based on what I just explained in the question above I will just note a few things for any woman looking to compete:

1- Know your potential- Push yourself and understand where your body is and how it needs to be to fit the “right division.”

2-Research- Follow some of the top competitors see there faults and achievements and understand the do’s and don’ts.

3-Support- The “Right” Coach is a huge thing in the industry (I don’t care what anyone says) in this game it pays to have a recognized coach. Judges tend to play closer attention to the players of the coaches that are predominantly recognized in the industry. It’s like a seniority thing. There are so many great competitors to see, so 9 out of 10 times when you are backed up with the right team it benefits you on stage. Judges will automatically want to see the new and improved and it helps weed out the final decisions. Sounds a little like favorites’ but it’s been seen time and time again. If you wanna be the best you have to ride with the BEST!

4-Be Prepared- You better believe whatever you are not doing the next girl is! So the next time you opt to take a day off keep in mind there’s another girl out there with a drive that’s bigger than the eye can see! So stay disciplined and be organized with your training!

DDT: Who is your biggest influence/motivation in the fitness industry?

Capucine: To be honest I do not follow one particular person. I admire many but in all seriousness I am my biggest influence. I believe that my experiences in life are about 95% of the reasons I do what I do and love it. And because of what I been through I challenge myself every day and as I encounter “like minded people” I take notes along the way keeping myself up to date on whats new and what I can do differently to make a statement.

DDT: At times life throws challenges at you to test your mental toughness and heart as a person. What has been your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it?

Capucine: Wow not sure how deep I want to get with this one but let’s just say I believe one of my biggest challenges in life is finding a relationship that can be balanced within my life style. When you make a decision to live a certain way, sometimes it affects the people you care about, and the people that want to be a part of your life. And as I have gotten better at sculpting “me,” I have become more distant or less attached I suppose to keeping strong knit tight relationships. It’s very difficult to be understood when you are always the “different one in a group”. Many people think I live this lavish life and that I’m always happy go lucky. But it’s all just a defense mechanism to keep me strong and pushing forward. But every single day I struggle. I look at the mirror and hope to fill the empty parts of my life. And I ask the universe to keep me leveled and positive in the process. Because this journey can prove to be quite the lonely one if you ask me.

DDT: What kind of advice can you give to an aspiring female Figure competitor who’s barely beginning their journey?

Capucine: One of the first things I would suggest is writing down a plan of action. First and foremost asking herself why, what, when and most importantly why is she competing? What are her goals in the process? And what is she trying to achieve? How will she do it? Write it down, plan, take action. And always, always believe in YOURSELF. Believe in what you want can take you a long way and it’s quite surprising what you will learn about yourself. And lastly don’t let yourself crave something for too long, if you desire it go for it, but be disciplined and be wise in your choices and remember to work hard for your achievements. After all you owe it to yourself. You work hard to get where you wanna go but you must always reward yourself or else, it just becomes a chore. And nobody wants to feel like what they love is a JOB!

DDT: We will leave you with this question. What does Capucine like to do for fun?

Capucine: I’m a real people person. Family is very important to me so I thrive on human connections. I don’t come from a strong family bond so one of the important things for me in life is to have family, love, and cherish those magical moments you carry with you for a lifetime; this is when I’m my happiest in my life. Other than the gym I love to get a good inspirational book from time to time. And without question the kitchen they say is the key to a Taureans. The heart is thru their stomach and the cooking for me is just another one of those things that bring me closer to people. Being able to share a feeling through mutual experience and talk of taste is the easiest way to understand a lot about a person and so I pride myself in cooking and truly enjoy the journey each and every time I pull out my apron! And if I could, I’d salsa my way into it each and every day because next to the oven there’s nothing that makes my body tingle like the sounds of Latin genres streaming through my ears! Salsa, batchata, merengue, cumbia, Hector Lavoe, Grupo Niche, Celia Cruz . Hay Mi Madre! Don’t get me started!

DDT: We would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions. You are a great inspiration to us and others in the fitness industry. We look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

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